“Never was anything great achieved without danger.” ~Niccolo Machiavelli



  • Department of Justice’s lawyers under the current Obama, Lynch administration is currently blocking my three Civil Action From Public Viewing under PACER.GOV. Web-site.

The three actions are:

Marino v. Department of Justice, et al., civil #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia) in front of Judge: Rosemary M. Collyer, Washington, D.C.;

Marino v. Watts, et al., civil #12-cv-801-RFT-NAM. (Northern District of New York/Syracuse) in front of Judge: Norman A. Mordue;

Marino v. Masters, Warden, civil #13-cv-32690-DAF. (Southern District of West Virginia/Bluefield) in front of Judge: David A. Faber.

”In this and like communities, public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.”

– Abraham Lincoln –
First–Douglas Debate,
August 21, 1858.

Dear Vincent Michael Marino ,

Clemency Project 2014 has received your survey. We are working to match you with a volunteer lawyer.The lawyer will contact you and gather the documents and information needed to determine whether you might qualify for clemency.If it appears you might qualify, you will receive legal representation, free of charge, to prepare and submit a commutation petition.We will notify you if we do not assign you a lawyer.For now, please don’t send any documents.

Thank you for your patience.


Cynthia Rosemary, Project Manager

Dated: April 1st, 2015.

Clemency Project 2014.

The American Bar Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, the Federal Public and Community Defenders, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers have joined together under a working group they call CLEMENCY PROJECT 2014.

Through the efforts of CLEMENCY PROJECT 2014, the participating organizations will identify clemency petitioners and recruit and train volunteer lawyers to assist them in securing clemency.





  • (Diesel therapy Program) Marino v. Watts , et al., #12-cv-801-NAM/RFT.Northern District of New York/Syracuse, STILL ALIVE after a Magistrate Judge tried desperately to throw it out with prejudice.Vincent  Marino was allowed to amend it, Magistrate Judge’s argument was deemed the the District Court Judge as meritless.Keep you posted.




  • Update Date: May 1 , 2014: Marino v DOJ, ET AL 12-cv-865-RMC (Bottom of page) SHOW CAUSE ORDER:                                                                                                                                Marino v. Department of Justice , et al., civil action #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia) DOCUMENT 36 Filed 05/01/2014 Pages 1-4.

Last Rites The Final Days of the Boston Mob Wars

  • For the record Project Marino notes, Last Rites : The Final Days of the Boston Mob Wars by: William J. Craig is not Affiliated with Vincent M. Marino. Some information may be true but Most of the the book is inaccurate information, pictures and events that took place during the Wars etc… Some of the information was allegedly provided by a source in the family.Project Marino was founded and its mission is to expose this egregious continuous misconduct to the Public for Public opinion and discussion, and for the government to have transparent corresponding accountability and to correct the misconduct or to have Congress have a full inquiry on it in both houses. But also to put the true story and events that took place in the public domain.

    FBI agents: John Connolly Jr and Michael J Buckley are part of the biggest law enforcement scandal of our time has never been fully told. See Vincent M. Marino’s soon to be published books which may reveal the rest of the story, concerning mystery, governmental corruption, murder and intrigue with supportive documents. Marino will release a few books and possibly a movie when he feels the time is right. Check out Project for information concerning the Boston Mob Wars and other information that took place during that time.





  • Newly filed: Marino v. Bart Masters, Warden, BOP/DOJ, et al., civil action #13-cv-32690 (Southern District of West Virginia, Bluefield Division), Writ of Habeas Corpus under Title 28 U.S.C. Section 2241.

  • Thank You Steven Davis, for the Continuing coverage of  Project Marino @WhiteyTrial is out! … Stories via @Project_Marino








  • PROJECT MARINO  According to the PUBLIC RECORDS in Marino v. Department of Justice , et al., civil action #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia) PENDING:See DOCUMENT 24 Filed 11-12-2013 pages 1-18:  SYNOPSIS:LEGAL STANDARDS: The question is not whether other responsive records may exist, but whether the SEARCH itself was adequate. Steinberg v. Dep’t of Justice, 23 F.3d 548, 551 (D.C.Cir.1994).

Thus, to rebut a challenge to the adequacy of a search, the agency must show that “the search was reasonably calculated to discover the requested documents, not whether it actually uncovered every document extant.” SafeCard Servs., Inc. v. SEC, 926 F.2d 1197, 1201 (D.C.Cir.1991) (citing Meeropol v. Meese, 790 F.2d 942, 950-51 (D.C.Cir.1986).If a review of the record raises substantial doubt as to the reasonableness of a search, especially in light of “well-defined requests and positive indications of overlooked materials,” then summary judgment may be inappropriate. Founding Church of Scientology of Washington , D.C. v. NSA, 610 F.2d 824, 837 (D.C.Cir.1979).B. PRIVACY ACT The privacy Act “safeguards the PUBLIC from unwarranted collection, maintenance, use and dissemination of personal information contained in agency records by allowing an individual (Marino ) to participate in ensuring that his records are accurate and properly used.” Henke v. Dep’t of Commerce, 83 F.3d 1453, 1456 (D.C.Cir.1996) (internal quotations and citations omitted)

“To that end, the Act requires any agency which maintains a ‘system of records’ to public at least annually a statement in the Federal Register describing that system.” Id.; 5 U.S.C. Section 552a(e)(4).The Privacy Act ensures that an individual (Marino ) can access his records and request amendment of those records to CORRECT ANY INACCURATE. 5 U.S.C. Section 552a(d)(1)-(3).A civil action is available to CORRECT AN INACCURATE RECORD that an agency has refused to amend or an individual request with an agency has NOT complied. 5 U.S.C> Section 552a(g)(1)(A)-(B).While the Privacy Act generally permits the CORRECTION OF FACTS, it does not allow for the “CORRECTION OF OPINIONS OR JUDGMENTS.”  Mc Cready v. Nicholson, 465 F.3d 1, 19 (D.C.Cir.2006). See USA v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NMG. (District of Massachusetts) December 22, 1999 VERDICT SHEET showing the dismissed Count 30/Act-B Cocaine Conspiracy charged in count One RICO and Count Two RICO conspiracy was dismissed by the government on Sept. 28, 1998 (DOCUMENT 581) and allowed by the Court (DOCUMENT Date: Oct. 22, 1998) DURING Marino‘s First Trial.However, unlawfully placed by the government on Marino ‘s December 22, 1999 VERDICT SHEET, which the jury marked “PROVEN” in both Counts one and two.

Thus, inaccurate information was used to convict Marino under the Statute 18 U.S.C. Section 1961(5) which the government needs two or more predicate racketeering acts to convict Marino of count One : RICO 18 U,.S.C. Section 1962 (c) and Count Two: RICO conspiracy 18 U.S.C. Section 1962(d). With the preclusion of the dismissed during trial by both the Court and Government see supra, would invalidate Marino‘s convictions of both Counts one and two supra. Because the jury would only have marked Proven on predicate racketeering act A-1 Conspiracy to murder, insufficient to convict Marino of both Counts one and two. Thus, Marino received 20 years on count One and 10 years on Count Two and 5 years on Count Three to run consecutively with each other for a total of 35 years to serve in prison. Thus, the only valid Count Three with a sentence of 5 years, serving 4 years with good time jail credits earned. Marino is unlawfully, held 13 years OVER his term of imprisonment on Count Three without Due Process of Law.



  • On November-12-2013, DOCUMENTS 25,via: Marino v. Department of Justice , et al., civil action #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia) the United States District Court Judge facilitated the following COURT ORDER For the reasons set forth in the Memorandum Opinion issued contemporaneously herewith, it is hereby ORDERED that Defendants’ (Department of Justice’s) Motion to Dismiss, Dkt. 16, or in the alternative Motion  for Summary Judgment, Dkt. 14, is DENIED WITHOUT PREJUDICE; and it is FURTHER ORDERED that Plaintiff’s claim under the Sunshine Act is DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE, sua sponte by the Court because it frivolously and it is FURTHER ORDERED that no later than November 26, 2013, Defendants shall file a proposed schedule for (1) conducting any searches deemed necessary in light of the Court’s ruling and (2) filing renewed dispositive motions and related briefing.SO ORDERED.Date: November 12, 2013.




  • BULLETIN:Vincent M. Marino”s codefendant Enrico “Rico” Ponzo starts trial in United States District Court District of Massachusetts Boston on October 7th, 2013, in front of Judge: Nathaniel M. Gorton, United States District Court Judge.Ponzo seeks & adopts documents Marino requested in: Marino v. Dep’t of Justice, et al., civil action #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia); Marino v. United States Attorney’s Office District of Massachusetts, et al., civil action #12-cv-872-RMC. (District of Columbia) concerning specifically: John “Smiley” Mele’s debriefing with officer of the Court: James Costello a Boston Attorney which Mele states on both video & audio tapes consensually recorded by Costello, Mele describing in great detail that both Frank Salemme Sr., & Frank Salemme Jr., have extorted him, threatened to kill him & Laface etc. in 1988-1989, just before Salemme was shot on June 16, 1989.”Moreover, Mele & Laface were both caught on audio tape recorded by FBI informants in June & July of 1989 discussing the conspiracy to kill both Salemme’s for ripping off their drugs worth over $80,000 & extorting them & threatening to kill them. Mele & Laface went on to stating on the audio tape that they are currently in possession of AK-47’s automatic weapons equipped with silencers which they plan to use to kill off both the Salemme’s.This crucial FBI audio tape was concealed at the investigating 1997 Federal Grand Jury, the 1998 & 1999 Jury trials of Marino, and in all post conviction appeals of Marino & NOW concerning Marino’s codefendant: Ponzo’s October 7th, 2013, jury trial.This core exculpatory material Brady, Giles & Giglio evidence supports egregious governmental misconduct, governmental grand jury abuse, and supports a motion to dismiss with prejudice the June 16th, 1989 Salemme attempted murder depicted as predicate racketeering act A2 in Counts One RICO and Count Two RICO conspiracy charged against Marino & Ponzo.Note: Marino, was found by the jury NOT PROVEN Beyond a Reasonable Doubt of the June 16th, 1989 Salemme attempted murder depicted as predicate racketeering Act A2 in Counts One RICO & Count Two RICO conspiracy on December 22, 1999.See United States v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NMG. (District of Massachusetts/Worcester) December 22, 1999 VERDICT SHEET.However, with the urging of the government lawyers: AUSA: Jeffrey Auerhahn and Cynthia Ann Young, the Court: Judge: Nathaniel M. Gorton, substantially enhanced Marino’s sentence an extra 8 Offense levels by the mere preponderance of the evidence low standard of proof an extra 25 years to serve in federal prison.This denies Marino his Fifth Amendment’s Due Process & Sixth Amendment’s jury Trial Right. Now This governmental and judicial misconduct is NOW OUTLAWED by newly decided United States Supreme Court Case: Alleyne v. United States, 133 S.Ct. 2151 (2013); Alleyne v. United States, 93 CrL 389 (U.S.2013); Thus Marino is actually, factually and legally innocent of the 25 year enhancements, and is historically & currently held 10 years over without due process of law.Alleyne is in the very same federal prison as Marino at FCI McDowell, the biggest Supreme Court case in the history of the United States. On September 24th, 2013, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals officially remanded Alleyne’s case back for resentencing.   Alleyne v. United StatesOn September 25th, 2013, Alleyne filed his “Resentencing Memorandum” in the district court & served the United States Supreme Court, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals with it.This document was drafted by Marino.









  • FBI agents: Connolly and Buckley are part of the biggest law enforcement scandal of our time has never been fully told. See Marino’s soon to be published book which may reveal the rest of the story, concerning mystery, governmental corruption, murder and intrigue with supportive documents.



  • Government lawyers have until March 8, 2013, to explain to the district court judge why Mr. Marino  has been held over 14 years. See Marino v. United States Attorneys Office District of Massachusetts, et al., civil action #12-cv-872-RMC. (District of Columbia, Washington) PENDING.Also the government has until March 25, 2013, to answer questions of egregious governmental misconduct, Marino’s actual, factual and legal innocence of Count One RICO and Count Two RICO conspiracy charges and Predicate racketeering Act A-2 June 16th, 1989 Salemme attempted murder depicted in Counts One and Two. See Marino v. U.S. Dep’t of Justice, et al., civil action #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia, Washington) PENDING.


  • New* February 2013 through March 2013, The next 2 months are going to be a very big showing….. Governmental Misconduct requiring Transparency, additionally the documents contained in Project Marino will be prominently presented in numerous Books, Screen Play and potential Movies another way of dissemination of the quintessence egregious gross governmental misconduct, and will be translated in numerous languishes for World -Wide exposure.


  • New* Petitioner Marino requests a “evidentiary hearing” concerning the Due Process Violations, Egregious historic and current governmental misconduct and on going governmental cover-ups: The baseline rule is that a criminal defendant has no absolute or presumptive right to insist that a Federal district court take testimony on every motion. Accordingly, when considering the question of whether an evidentiary hearing should be granted in connection with a Due Process violations and historic and current egregious governmental misconduct, a district court should facilitate an “evidentiary hearing” to determine whether the defendant Marino has made a threshold showing sufficient to warrant such a hearing. In pursuing this inquiry, the court must make a practical, commonsense evaluation.



  • New*  January 23, 2013 Rossetti sentenced to 12 years trafficking in heroin and conspiracy to traffic heroin.Rossetti was indicted on state charges in 2011 for drug trafficking,loan sharking and gambling.


  • New* August 17,2012  John J. Patti III, 47, is free on on $7,500 bail, after a three-month-long undercover operation that ended with authorities seizing a 25-pound shipment of “high grade marijuana”that Patti shipped from California to the doorstep of his Saugus apartment, were he  lives with with his girlfriend, Victoria Messina  



  • New* in February 2013  Dep’t of Justice has to answer on Mr. Marino’s  lawsuits, concerning Marino’s 4 issues showing that Marino is unlawfully held over 14 years on his sentence & one issue showing Marino is unlawfully held over 16 years, and WHY the Dep’t of Justice failed to perform corrective action and WHY Marino has not been released, also showing due process violations, egregious gross governmental misconduct



  • Please petition your U.S. Senator(s) or House of Representative(s) to conduct a full scale investigation into the United States Department of Justice’s historic and current egregious misconduct made PUBLIC record in Marino, supra, so that the people will know what their government is up to and for governmental transparency. 


  • New* Recently the Department of Justice had notified Marino, that they are in possession of well over 200,000 pages that were withheld from my two RICO trials in 1998 and 1999, which could be responsive to my Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Acts Requests,which may lead to my (Marino’s) actual, factual and legal innocence of the June 16th, 1989 Salemme attempted murder depicted as predicate racketeering act A-2 in Counts One RICO and Count Two RICO conspiracy which the jury found Beyond a Reasonable Doubt NOT PROVEN in both Counts 1 and 2.

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