Historic corruption

According to: Marino v. United States Attorney’s Office District of Massachusetts, et al., civil action #12-cv-872-RMC. (District of Columbia, Washington) PENDING and Marino v. Department of Justice, et al., civil action #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia, Washington) PENDING.

The Executive Office of the United States Attorney’s Department of Justice , has officially informed  Vincent M. Marino that they WITHHELD over 200,000 pages from him concerning: United States v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NMG. (District of Massachusetts) TWO RICO trials in 1998 and 1999 and from the 1997 investigating federal grand jury:

Specifically, withholding documents supporting Marino‘s actual, factual and legal innocence of Count One RICO and Count Two RICO conspiracy. As Predicate racketeering Act B (Cocaine Conspiracy) which is Count Thirty was dismissed by the government on September 28, 29, 1998 See Document 581. The government’s motion to dismiss Count Thirty (Cocaine conspiracy)/Act-B was allowed by the Court (Judge:Nathaniel M. Gorton ) on October 22, 1998. See Document Date: October 22, 1998 in support under:United States v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NMG (District of Massachusetts) in support.

However, the government unlawfully placed the dismissed Count thirty (during trial while the jury was empanelled in 1998) back on the VERDICT SHEET dated: December 22, 1999, as predicate racketeering Act-B (Cocaine conspiracy) in both Counts One RICO and Count Two RICO conspiracy. The jury marked PROVEN on predicate Act A-1 Conspiracy to Murder and Act-B in both Counts One and Two. Even though Act-B was previously dismissed by both the Court and government DURING TRIAL WHILE THE JURY WAS EMPANELED.

Hence, with the preclusion of Act-B from the December 22, 1999 VERDICT SHEET would preclude the conviction and sentences of a total of 30 years from Marino‘s 35 years sentence. Hence, Marino is actually, factually and legally innocent of Count One RICO and Count Two RICO conspiracy as the jury needs to find two of more PROVEN predicate racketeering acts to convict in both Counts One and Two. Thus, Marino is unlawfully HELD OVER 14 years without Due Process of Law.Second, the government intentionally withheld documents described in: United States v. Salemme, 91 F.Supp.2d 141, 267-269 (exhibits: 188, 234, 237, 246) (D.Mass.1999) UNDER SEAL, which describes FBI TOP ECHELON (PUBLICLY KNOWN & PUBLICLY Dead) informant: Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio with the assistance of two other PUBLICLY KNOWN informants: James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi called Salemme to  a location to be shot while all three worked as informants. See Salemme, 91 F.Supp.2d 263 (D.Mass.1999) in support, also see pages 267-269, 311 (D.Mass.1999) UNDER SEAL in support.

See FBI ‘s Four generated TAPES under File #281B-BS-65373 in July 1984 audio tapes were generated while secretly recording NOW PUBLICLY KNOWN FBI informants: John “Smiley” Mele and Augustus “Gus” Laface whom were conspiring to assassinate both Salemme Sr. and Salemme Jr. for ripping off their drug shipments and extorting them out of over $80,000 in Cash and Drugs.Moreover, FBI agent Buckley fraudulently testified against Marino and Ponzo in front of the investigating Federal Grand Jury in 1997 and 1998 and 1999 RICO trials of  Marino , AFTER he received CASH PAYOFFS from government’s Star highly credible witness: Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, according to Flemmi’s sworn testimony on September 22, 2008, against FBI agent Connolly.See State of Florida v. John J. Connolly Jr., (FBI agent), Criminal #___(Miami, Florida Sept. 22, 2008) which agent Connolly was convicted of murder and now serving 40 years for it.See United States v. Connolly, 341 F.3d pages 16-29 (1st Cir.2003) which Agent Connolly was found by the First Circuit to have been part of the Salemme, Bulger and Flemmi criminal organization and protected it from their enemies according to the government was (Marino and Ponzo, et al., etc) and from Law Enforcement investigations.See Marino’s FOIA/PA Requests Numbers: 11-2085,  11-2968, 11-2969, and 11-3089 in support.And other egregious governmental misconduct in Marino‘s case.As the United States Department of Justice seeks payment of $8,960.00 from Marino for unlawfully withheld over 200,000 pages of documents. Consisting of 35 boxes containing 2,000 to 4,000 pages in each and 72,000 electronic files.See DOCUMENT 14-2 Filed on 02/06/2013 Pages 1-21 CASE #12-cv-872-RMC. (District of Columbia, Washington) PENDING.

The government seeks a extension of time to respond until March 8, 2013, to properly respond to Marino‘s complaint via:
Marino v. United States Attorneys Office District of Massachusetts, et al., civil action #12-cv-872-RMC. (D.C.);The government seeks until March 25, 2013, to properly respond to another civil action under:Marino v. Dep’t of Justice, et al., civil action #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia, Washington) PENDING.All concerning egregious gross historic and current  United States Department of Justice misconduct and corruption in the Marino case.