Marino hereby requests

Marino’s Freedom of Information Act & Privacy Act Requests #11-2085, 11-2968, 11-2969, 11-3089 to the Executive Office of the United States Attorneys Dep’t of Justice.

[1] Marino hereby requests a Fee Waiver of $8,960.00 for well over 200,000 pages withheld from Marino’s Two RICO trials in 1998 & 1999 which the government possessed in some instances since 1989, 23 years old documents.
See United States v. Salemme, 91 F.Supp.2d 141, 267-269, 311 (exhibits: 188, 194, 234, 237, 246) (D.Mass.1999) UNDER SEAL.

Also see FBI filed Tape #281B-BS-65373, generated in July 1989, 4 audio tapes showing the only witness against Marino, John “Smiley” Mele to himself be conspiring to murder Salemme Sr. & Salemme Jr., while he  Mele was be secretly recorded by two other FBI informants in July 1989, contrary to what Mele told the Two Federal jury trial jurors in 1998 trial & 1999 trial when Mele testified against Marino perjuriously.
See Fee Waiver Dep’t of Justice regulations at 28 CFR 16.11(k)(2012).

[2] Marino’s request for a fee waiver has demonstrated that disclosure of the information is in the PUBLIC INTEREST because it is likely to contribute significantly to PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE OPERATIONS AND ACTIVITIES OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester.”
5 U.S.C. Section 553(a)(4)(A)((iii).

[3] Marino had clearly & concededly met ALL SIX FACTORS set forth in 28 CFR 16.11(k). The First Four of these FACTORS concerns the “PUBLIC INTEREST” requirement; the FIFTH & SIXTH FACTORS concerns whether your interest in the records is primarily commercial.

[4] Disclosure  to be “likely to contribute” to an understanding of specific government operations or activities under FACTOR TWO, the disc losable information is clearly meaningfully informative in relation to the subject matter of the request. See, e.g., Klein v. Toupin, No. 05-647, 2006 U.S. Dist.LEXIS 32478, AT *11-12 (D.D.C.May 24, 2006)(reiterating that conclusory and unsupportive assertions of misconduct are not “meaningfully informative” of government operations); In Marino, his assertions are supported with PUBLICLY RECORDED DOCUMENTARY PROOF, case law authorities & Newspaper account, as well as Congressional Investigative Files.

#5  See United States v. Salemme, 91 F.Supp.2d 141, 267-269 (exhibits: 188, 194, 234, 237, 246) (D.Mass.1999) UNDER SEAL,
Concealed audio 4 Tapes under FBI Filed #281B-BS-65373.

The government in United States v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NMG. (District of Massachusetts Worcester and Boston) intentionally failed to hand over all exculpatory material Brady evidence in Marino’s two trials first trial in 1998 and second trial in 1999.

The core exculpatory material evidence is depicted in United States v. Salemme, 91 F.Supp.2d at 263, showing FBI top echelon informant Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio, with the assistance of James “Whitey” Bulgerand Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi on June 16th, 1989 called Salemme to a location on Rt.1. in Saugus, Massachusetts to be assassinated.  Bulger and Flemmi were also top echelon FBI informants during this event.