Marino v. CIA, et al USCA #12-5325

The Appellee(s)/United States Government filed a motion with the court to dismiss/summary judgment against Marino
on or about February 2013. However the government’s representatives: Assistant United States Attorneys: Rhonda Lisa Campbell & R.Craig Lawrence intentionally failed to serve Marino with their motion to dismiss/summary judgment.

Thereafter the U.S. Court of Appeals three judge panel Ordered FCI McDowell’s Warden to serve Marino with an ORDER of the court ordering Marino’s reply to the government’s motion to dismiss. This Order by the three judge panel was withheld by the Federal Bureau of Prisons Staff at FCI McDowell for a period of 11 days by FCI McDowell’s case manager: Mr. Todd Meadows intentionally before Marino was served the ORDER.

Moreover, on March 24, 2013,  Marino was served with the Courts Order requesting that  Marino reply to the government’s motion  to dismiss/summary judgment by June 7th, 2013, failure to do so would require the court to dismiss Marino’s appeal.

Marino has since filed two previous motions explaining to the three judge panel that the Appellee(s)/Government HAD NOT SERVED MARINO with its February 2013, motion  to dismiss/summary judgment making it virtually impossible for Marino to properly reply to it. Marino requests that the three judge panel ORDER the Appellee(s)/Government to officially serve his with their motion or dismiss their motion for failure to serve Appellant Marino it.

This second Court Order was Dated April 30, 2013, however this time the Clerk of Courts held it until March 24, 2013, for over 24 days before Marino was officially served it. In violations of Marino’s  Due Process 5th Amendment & 1st Amendments Freedom of Speech.  The above egregious  continuous & ongoing misconduct should be made PUBLIC via: PROJECTMARINO.COM . For the government to have transparent corresponding accountability WORLD WIDE, Nationally & Internationally for the Judicial & U.S. Department of Justice’s corruption be placed in the PUBLIC DOMAIN & PUBLIC RECORD for discussion, transparency, & accountability.