55 High Street, Medford, Massachusetts

This bank job was done no other than the Authorities: Medford Police and MDC Police officers on Memorial Day weekend in May 1980.

The cops are robbers broke into the vault at the Depositors Trust Bank on High Street in Medford Square and was estimated to making off with over $15 million dollars worth of cash, jewelry, drugs and other valuables that most of the people who had the money stashed was for the purpose so to avoid paying Uncle Sam taxes on it.More than 1,000 safe-deposit boxes were pried open the only official accounting was $1.5 million which not everyone claimed a loss of specific monies because they did not want to alert the IRS to their stashes.


The Cops that pulled off the robbery were:Metropolitan Police Captain Gerald W. Clemente of the MDC Police Force which later emerged with the Massachusetts State Police, Also a MDC Sergeant and a Medford Police Department Lieutenant Thomas K. Doherty and Joe Bangs .Two Irish gangsters were also involved:Francis X. O’Leary, nicknamed “Brother” and Arthur “Buckey” Barrett a master safe-cracker from Quincy, Massachusetts.


Convicted in 1996, Clemente later wrote a book on the crime, called “The Cops Are Robbers,” which inspired a 1990 TV movie. In 1983, Barrett  was kidnapped, tortured, extorted and eventually killed according to public records while James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi were being protected by the FBI as TOP ECHELON FBI informants as the public records so supports.

Moreover, Joe Murray, who also had a contract out on Barrett, offered Bulger and Flemmi One million in cash for Barrett’s head, which Bulger and Flemmi delivered and received even more money for it, besides the money they took out of Barrett’s house safe which was believed to be at least One million cash.In January 2000, after Kevin Weeks testimony in federal court he brought the FBI to the grave of Barrett killed and buried with numerous other Bulger and Flemmi victims.

Today, the Depositors Trust Bank building is now called Salvatore’s a fine Italian restaurant featured on their menu is a Heist Burger loaded with golden bacon bits, resembling the gold that was stolen from the infamous bank job done by the Police.Also the restaurant framed photo’s and news clippings that tell the story of the infamous 1980 crime, and there’s a small dining area in the Bank’s former vault, complete with the polished metal vault doors and combination lock.