FOIA 2015 update: Salemme was “Granted IMMUNITY”

DOJ[1] Copy of the FOIA response showing Francis P. Salemme was in-fact “Granted IMMUNITY” on December 13, 1999, one day before he testified against Marino , via: USA v. Marino, 97-cr-40009-NMG. (District of Massachusetts/Boston);Also enclosed is Salemme‘s Plea Agreement;
Assistant Attorney General Kenney’s GRANTING SALEMME IMMUNITY on December 13, 1999;

[2] Marino v. Watts , et al., civil #12-cv-801-RFT-NAM. (Northern District of New York/Syracuse) “Reply in Opposition to Magistrate Judge’s Report and Recommendation;

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GERARKIS (NOW PUBLICALLY) disclosed then under-seal tapes which he stated that he taped Marino, knew Marino and done business with Marino .Further investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice lawyers per review of the tapes and transcriptions of them revealed that GERARKIS DID NOT TAPE Marino, DID NOT even know Marino and DID NOT ever do business with Marino, this in it self also refutes Assistant United States Attorney’s: Jefferey Auerhahn  and Cynthia Ann Young’s assertions that of the same.

Assistant United States Attorney’s: Jefferey Auerhahn

In any event Assistant United States Attorney’s Jefferey Auerhahn and Cynthia Ann Young both INTENTIONALLY WITHHELD core exculpatory material Brady, Giles and Giglio evidence from Marino specifically on December 14th, 1999, that Salemme was in-fact GRANTED IMMUNITY from prosecution by U.S. Assistant Attorney General Mr. Kenney on December 13th, 1999, thus AUSA’S: Auerhahn  and Young intentionally committed a felony on record in open court by stating that Salemme  WAS NOT granted immunity and that they would NOT grant him immunity, clearly knowing he was already immunized from criminal prosecution.


 WHAT IS The NEXUS, What does this mean?

Francis P. Salemme

First the government’s entire case against Marino, premised under the theory during OPENING, TRIAL TESTIMONY of FBI agent: Michael J Buckley and Closing arguments that “SALEMME SEEN MARINO SHOOT HIM ON JUNE 16th, 1989,” and kept sending people to kill him who 3 were killed, 7 more were shot and one more was stabbed and 14 more were targeted for assassination thereafter, generating motive, intent etc.

Salemme‘s testimony that he did NOT see his attackers and could NOT identify Marino as one of them, strikes in the heart of the government’s case against Marino, also Marino requested on December 14th, 1999, that the government GRANT SALEMME IMMUNITY from prosecution and the Government refused knowing Salemme  was fully IMMUNIZED one day before by the Assistant U.S. Attorney General Mr. Kenney.Also while Salemme enjoyed his IMMUNITY from prosecution he testified against FBI agent:  John Connolly Jr in front of a federal grand jury in which Marino‘s trial judge WAS THE JUDGE there as well also INTENTIONALLY KNEW that Salemme was also GRANTED IMMUNITY from prosecution one day before Salemme testified against Marino at Marino‘s jury trial without the jury present. Vior Dire.


In any event the government intentionally committed a felony on public record against Marino‘s substantial rights, thus requiring a new trial and or a favorable plea agreement, forthwith.  Moreover, requiring a independent investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) concerning supra.