Boston Underworld Timeline


Boston is such a compact city, mobster haunts and hideouts are cheek-by-jowel with other hallmarks of history. Just a stone’s throw from the Old North Church, famed for its one-if-by-land, two-if-by sea message to Paul Revere, was the Prince Street headquarters of the Angiulo gang. Right on the vaunted Freedom Trail is the North Terminal Garage, the site of the infamous Brink’s heist in 1950.

Along with revolutionaries, statesmen, philosophers and authors, Boston has seen a colorful cadre of wise guys, bad boys, tyrants, criminal masterminds and low life serial killers who have left their mark on the City on the Hill.Many have heard of Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme, Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza; many don’t know how they got their nicknames or how they are interconnected.And then there are hoodlums whose names are only dimly remembered–men like Steve Wallace and “Dodo” Walsh of the Gustin gang in South Boston, who once presided over the Cocoanut Grove night club.There are the Italians The Angiulo Family: Gennaro “Jerry” Angiulo and his brothers: Nicola, Frankie, Danny, Michael and the Rhode Island based Patriarca Family which recently the power has moved to Boston; the Irish Mob based in three locations: South Boston, Charlestown and Somerville. Buddy McLean started the Winter Hill Gang and then came Howie Winter both of Somerville; as well as representatives of the other immigrant groups and ethnicities.

It was not unusual to find Boston families in which one son was a cop & another was a bootlegger, one was a lawyer and the other a thug.Whitey Bulger and his brother, the former Massachusetts State Senate president: William “Billy” Bulger, are prime examples.It gets complicated very quickly. There’s the Prohibition period, with bootlegging by Russian Jewish mobster Charles “King” Solomon and by the patriarch of the Kennedy dynasty clan, Joseph Kennedy. Early Irish gangsters are represented by the South Boston based Gustin Gang, which ran afoul of the North End Italian mobsters headed by Joseph Lombardo.

In the 1950s, the Winter Hill Gang, based in Somerville, emerged, led by, in succession, Buddy McLean a very good friend of Big Eddie Marino, Vincent Michael Marino’s father. Howie Winter and then by Bulger and Flemmi.Then there are the battles between the Mullen Gang and the Killings of South Boston and, in the 1960s, a full-scale mob war among factions from Charlestown, South Boston and Somerville.Entailed a series of violent revenge slayings and tenuous alliances that are both fascinating and horrifying.Add in the operations of the New England Mafia–the Angiulos of the North End and the Patriarca’s of Rhode Island and you have a thick, uneasy stew of connections, partnerships and animosities facilitating serial acts of murders.

Screen-Shot-2013-07-08-at-3.05.15-PM-614x367The spectacular ocean views afforded on a walk around Castle Island in South Boston are enjoyed by hundreds of people daily and were once the backdrop for conversations by a strolling James “Whitey” Bulger and his partner Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi and his lieutenants: Kevin Weeks and Kevin O’Neil.

Black friars Club bostonA couple blocks from the hustle of Downtown Crossing is the site of the Black friars Club, in which five people, including a prominent TV reporter Jack Kelly died in a hail of bullets in 1978 in case that remains unsolved as William “Bad Billy” Ieradi was tried but found NOT GUILTY of the charge.  The Boston FBI attempted to bring up a false depiction that Vincent M. Marino was partners with Ieradi in 1996 and that they were making a bid to control Organized Crime Activity in the New England area.This false depiction made the Boston newspapers: Boston Herald and the Boston Globe.Many movies about Boston’s bad guys were filmed on location, and we find the spots where Tinsel Town met The Town.


  • The Charles Street Jail closed 1990, and in 2007, the Liberty Hotel was opened in the vastly remodeled facility.Now the luxury hotel, to its credit, does more than nod to its past with a decor that features bars. a restaurant named Clink and a bar named Alibi.There are also several displays about the jail’s history and its role in the Civil War, Adolf Hitler’s German U-Boat capture, and Boston law enforcement.

Boston Underworld Hangouts:

Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi’s Headquarters 832 East Third Street, South Boston

  • Flemmi moved his place of operations from Mattapan to South Boston.The future partner with James “Whitey” Bulger, home base was next to Bulger’s brother: William Bulger then President of the Massachusetts Senate.This house became the perfect meeting spot with Bulger and Flemmi  in their quest to control all of the Irish sections of New England starting with Irish conclaves: South Boston, Dorchester, Somerville, Charlestown, Jamaica Plain, Quincy and other areas. While both were working as TOP ECHELON FBI informants for corrupted FBI agents: Morris, Ring , Connolly, Buckley, Newton, Callen, as the public records so supports.

The Former Chandler’s Restaurant
335 Columbus Avenue, South End

  • A favorite hang out for the Winter Hill Gang, as the food is good Creole dishes.key meeting place during the 1960-1970s gang wars.The owner of the restaurant died in 1999 at age seventy-nine.

John Joseph Mullen Square
O Street and East Second Street, South Boston

  • This is the historic area which sprung the Irish Gang called the “Mullen’s Gang” in the 1940s, which honored the Veteran John Joseph Mullen which is situated at the intersection of O Street and East Second Street in South Boston, also known as “Southie.”It was also the location of numerous gangland warfare between the Mullen gang and Killeen Gang for dominance in Boston’s Irish section. Its membership after the deaths of many ended up forming the now “Winter Hill Gang” which was geographically located predominantly in Somerville and South Boston whom rivals were located in the near by Charlestown section of Boston which the famous movie was named after called “THE TOWN,” staring Boston’s native Ben Affleck.This section is located in a tight-knit neighborhood of multi-family constructions, just a few blocks away from Whitey Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi’s meeting spot called Pleasure Bay in Southie.

Knights of Columbus Function Hall & Function Center41 Margin Street, Boston’s North End

  • A clearly historic site made of red brick Harvard Antique style building on North Marginal Street near the Angiulo headquarters of the mob.This spot is a gathering spot for numerous Italian & Sicilian men, among them Donato Angiulo. This structure dates back to the Sixteenth Century. Also the Kennedy’s was believe to have went their for a few drinks including JFK’s father Joseph P. Kennedy whom headed the Kennedy clan and years before the biggest bootlegging operation in New England history.

90 North Washington Street, Boston’s North End

  • This place was a gem in the rough as the Italian food was great.Owned by Peter Limone, the cousin of the infamous Peter Limone who was falsely convicted of the  Edward “Teddy” Deegan murder.Limone also unlawfully served 33 years for it, as the FBI knew he was innocent.And that their informant/witness: Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza, intentionally committed perjury of the witness stand while being coached by FBI agents: Dennis Condon (died before being indicted for murder) and  H. Paul Rico (died while awaiting trial for the murder of Roger Wheeler, in Oklahoma).

280 Hanover Street, North End of Boston

  • Back in the day was Donato Angiulo’s hang out.This Restaurant served fine Italian foods, and is a popular gathering spot for many Bostonians, as well as tourist.

Marshal Motors 12-14 Marshall Street, Somerville

  • This location held one of the first official hang outs for the Winter Hill Gang, The garage on a side street off Broadway in Somerville’s Winter Hill neighborhood was the headquarters for criminal planning of numerous murders and other rackets.The auto repair shop was owned by Howie Winter, the prior head of the Winter Hill Gang before his arrests for heading the North East’s biggest fixer of Horse Racing making over $100 million dollars while doing so. Bulger and Flemmi were knee deep into it but received a free pass from the United States Attorneys Office District of Massachusetts Chief of the New England Organized Crime Strike Force: Jerry Sullivan as the public records so supports.Bulger and Flemmi along with Johnny and Jimmy Martorano also frequented the headquarters before their takeover after Winter’s arrest.Winter lived on Marshall Street nearby. Today, the former garage is a church just like the former Cardinals Nest on Frankfurt and Maverick Street in East Boston became a Church, both Murder Incorporated hot spots.Another Winter hill hangout, a bar once called 318 Lounge and then Pal Joey’s is now a famous bakery with a reputation for the best bread in Somerville.

William J. Day Boulevard, South Boston

  • This is the site of New England’s oldest military forts.  One time is was really a Island, but due to extensive landfills it is now part of the mainland and a favorite spot for South Boston residents.It was also the hangout for reputed Boston’s Irish Mobsters James “Whitey” Bulger & his partner whom is all Italian: Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, who had been filmed by the FBI and Massachusetts State Police strolling its boulevards far away from the super sophisticated electronic surveillance of the DEA as the FBI was suspected & later proven to have alerted Bulger to the surveillance audio & video bugs planted by their rival federal agency the DEA.Earlier the South Boston gang wars were also fought in this area of town which claimed many lives. Kevin Weeks, in his memoir, talked about dumping the belongings to numerous murder victims off a pier here in 1983.

Jay’s Lounge
253 Tremont Street, Boston

  • This lounge owned and operated by Jerry” Angiulo and his business associates both legitimate and on the shady side.The actual Bar and the basement was the target of FBI wiretaps which targeted the Angiulo Families extremely lucrative gambling & loan sharking empire, which was estimated to gross hundreds & hundreds of millions of dollars yearly according to public accounts.This location is in the heart of Boston’s Combat Zone, red light district of town, which featured numerous striptease bars, XXX rated movie theaters, biker & gay bars, as well as a net work of pimps, hookers & drug dealers, in short it was a cesspool loaded with degenerates.It has since been remolded in an upscale fashioned eatery in the center of Boston’s thriving Theater District, which now has been cleaned up with just maybe two of three strip joints & a few bars, however it is NOW much cleaner & safer than it was in the 1960s through the 1990’s, as its name “Combat Zone” accurately described its area and people that occupied its establishments. In-fact the real estate is booming as it is a rock through away from the financial district of Boston.

South Boston Liquor Mart
295 Old Colony Avenue, South Boston

  • This is a landmark on Old Colony Avenue. In 1984, Whitey Bulger took over what was then called “Stippo’s Liquor Mart at 295 Old Colony Avenue. The store was owned by a young South Boston couple when Bulger decided he wanted it and made an offer they couldn’t refuse, by placing a hand gun to the head of Stippo and his kids and handing over $60,000 in a brown paper bag.Them newly owned by Bulger was now called South Boston’s Liquor Mart was at the heart of Whitey’s enterprises in South Boston.

rakesStephen Rakes was also nicknamed Stippo, was recently on July 17, 2013 found dead just before he was going to testify against Bulger in United States District Court in Boston, as CNN NEWS reported.Years later it was also the place where Bulger and his sidekick Kevin Weeks bought a winning $14 million dollar lottery ticket that they shared with Flemmi.The store, located less than a block from St .Monica’s Church, where Bulger’s future  FBI handler John Connolly Jr., worshipped there as children, is still well known for its hoodlum elements.Apparently Rakes’s murder was just the beginning, as some other witnesses were reluctant to testify against Bulger for fear of reprisal.

Lancaster Street Garage
Lancaster Street, near Merrimack Street Boston’s South Station

Across the street from James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi’s headquarters was a aging building at 119 Merrimack Street in Boston’s South Station area of town.

  • This location provided the Massachusetts State Police “Elite” Organized Crime Unit with the perfect undercover location to spy using sophisticated electronic surveillance both audio and video data compilations filming the comings and goings of who’s who in the New England Mafia both Italian and Irish elements.This one time relocation of the Lancaster Street Garage was the headquarters of the Winter Hill Gang. From a room overlooking the garage on Lancaster Street between Boston’s North End and South Station authorities watched the biggest mob names, snapping photo’s as evidence & utilizing the electronic listening devices at the same time, however not long after the listening devices were installed everything was going real well until all of a sudden every thing went silent and the conversations went from incriminating to no incriminating within two weeks after its installation of the bugs.Someone in the Boston’s Office of the FBI tipped off Bulger and Flemmi that a sophisticate State Police Bugs were installed, preventing its purpose. The Massachusetts State Police suspected  FBI agents: Buckley, Connolly, Morris as the culprits.Years later the Massachusetts State Police theory proved to be correct as FBI agent Connolly, was convicted of leaking sensitive information(s) to Bulger & Flemmi, receiving cash payoffs and protecting its organization from its enemies (as the government stipulates was (Marino and Ponzo) and law enforcement investigations and indictments.

Timeline 1910 ~ 2013:

  • 1910: Gustin Gang,This gang was the preliminary gang of the Winter Hill Gang of South Boston and Somerville, Massachusetts.Became known as the most powerful and well organized criminal enterprises in Prohibition-era Boston.Three Irish American brothers: Frank, Steve and James Wallace from the South Boston neighborhood known as Southie first came to the attention of law enforcement agents about 1910, when they began hijacking and looting delivery trucks while they were stopped at intersections.
  • 1920s:  Charles Solomon was then the undisputed boss of the Boston rackets, a Russian Jewish immigrant who made enough money to pay off the police and others and to retire but couldn’t give up the power and the street life. He made a fortune in the business.From rum running to dope peddling to prostitution, from nightclubs to theaters, his was an empire both  illegal and legit.

coconut grove loungeCocoanut Grove NightClub
17 Piedmont Street, near the corner of Church and Shawmut Streets Boston.

Historic site from 1927 through 1942, the Cocoanut Grove nightclub was the pale to be to meet people of both high class and low life.Gangsters, politicians also mingled with the elite.



  • 1930:  Gaspare Messina had been named Capo Di Tutti Capi, “Boss of All Bosses,” by the mob membership who were trying to resolved a dispute among the Mafia’s New York, Buffalo and Midwest families.The disagreement turned into what was to become known as the Infamous Castellammarse War.Eager to end the bloodshed, Messina called a grand counsel meeting in Boston, but his efforts were futile.The bloody power struggle over control of the Mafia continued until about
  • 1931:Three days before Christmas, the Gustin Gang’s luck ran out.Touched by a wintry chill blowing in off the cold Atlantic, December 21,1931, marked a watershed in Boston mob history.By the end of that day, the Gustin Gang no longer ruled the city’s streets.Enter the dreaded Italian Mafia which had established foothold in the rackets.The tipping point came during a meeting between Frank Wallace and Italian mobster Joseph Lombardo.The two groups had been feuding for about a week, police would later say, after the Gustin Gang hijacked a truck filled with $50,000 in liquor and hid it in the Nantucket summer home of a Harvard Medical School doctor.Wallace expected a showdown when he walked into the Testa Building in Boston’s Little Italy section of the North End that chilly winter day.Accompanied by ruthless enforcers Barney “Dodo” Walsh and Timothy Coffey, an ex-pro boxer & street brawler, the Gustin boss showed up at Lombardo’s C&F Importing Company at 317 Hanover Street with guns loaded. They were ready for trouble.As war veterans packed Christmas baskets for the poor on the floor above, the three Gustin gangsters knocked on the door to Lombardo’s thirds-floor office when a blaze of gunshots rang out from every direction imaginable.In the exchange of bullets rapid fire, Wallace and Walsh were killed instantly Sicilian Style.Coffey ran down the hall and hid in an attorney’s office until the police arrived.Seven guns were later found at the scene of the murders, but no one was ever charged. The prime suspects were of course Lombardo Inc.


Filippo Buccola

  • 1932, when fellow vicious Sicilian and former fight promoter Filippo “Phil” Buccola was named head of the Boston faction of the Mafia.Buccola rules until 1954.

raymond patriarca sr

  • 1954:Raymond Loreto Salvatore Patriarca Sr. ascended to the throne as de-facto head of the New England Mafia, the biggest being moving the family’s base of operations to Providence, Rhode Island.Started as two separate Mafia families emerged into the Patriarca Family.
  • In the 1960s the Irish gang war was roaring. As both Irish clans from Charlestown v. Somerville and South Boston were killing each other at an alarming rate. The Italians had to enter the war to finish off one side so that business could be conducted.The Charlestown Irish gang was eventually eliminated.The streets of Boston became littered with dead bodies, making the Brinks Job obsolete.


  • Edward “Teddy” Deegan”s  body was found On March 12, 1965, Deegan shot five times in the back of the head in an alleyway in Chelsea Ma. The 35 year old with a long criminal history was also suspect in a $40,000 holdup of a local mob connected bookie. He was killed by government  star witness Barboza, (later became a FBI informant) Vincent Flemmi (FBI informant) , and others. The Duo later commited perjury on the witness stand which allowed Limone, Tamileo, Greco & Salvatti to be imprisoned as innocent men in the Deegan murder.


  • 1969: A grand jury handed down an indictment charging the North End Chief Angiulo with being an accessory after the fact of a $68,000 armored car heist done in broad daylight with automatic weapons.The case was eventually thrown out of court following dead witnesses, and amnesia from the rest of the potential witnesses, some of whom later income has elevated.


  • 1969, Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza, was paroled into the new Witness Protection Program, becoming the very first informant to gain federal protection status which Barboza clearly opened the program. Barboza was forever barred from living in Boston and headed to Santa Rosa, California, where he enrolled in culinary cooking school.Yet killing like cooking remained part of his resume & his repertoire. Just two years later, in 1971, he pleaded guilty in California to the second degree murder of a twenty-seven-year-old truck driver in a dispute over stolen bonds. he was also suspected in killing 4 others while he was on the federal witness protection program in California. He was sentenced to serve five years in Folsom Prison, where he became known as an amateur artist and poet, penning verses such as “The Mafia Double Crosses’ and “Boston gang War.” His Mafia colleagues, however, never gave up the quest to kill him.

Joseph Barboza

  • February 11, 1976: Less than three months after  Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza was released from Folsom Prison, the contract killer who claimed to have murder 29 people in New England, and another 5 more people in California including a mother her young daughter. While on the Federal Witness Protection Program and suspected in numerous rapes of young women was gunned down by Boston mob capo Joseph “J.R.” Russo as Barboza walked to his car in San Francisco, California.The killer whose raspy voice brought down the head of the New England Mafia had finally been silenced.
  • According to Marino’s indictment,  Russo was named as an unindicted coconspirator of Marino’s 1989 through 1994 indictment according to public records, also Russo is that half brother of Marino’s codefendant: Robert “Bobby Russo” Carrozza, whom was also a suspect in that hit also according to public records. Russo’s “Alfred Plead” in Federal Court in Boston represented that Russo was NOT admitting guilt, however, according to that U.S Supreme Court case allowed Russo to Plead an Alfred Plea which states in relevant part that Russo was NOT admitting guilt but that the government may have enough evidence at trial to convict of that crime.



This bank job was done no other than the Authorities: Medford Police and MDC Police officers on Memorial Day weekend in May 1980.The Cops that pulled off the robbery were: Captain Gerald Clemente of the MDC Police Force which later emerged with the Massachusetts State Police; also a MDC Sergeant and a Medford Police Department Lieutenant Dorothy.
Two Irish gangsters were also involved: Arthur “Buckey” Barrett a master safe-cracker

  • 1981:The FBI caught a major break, as a Federal Judge: Garity half out of his mind & believed to have a strong case of Altimers approved a electronic wiretap at 98 Prince Street with the Affiant’s: Bulger and Flemmi and Sammy Bershowitz was the star informants used on its application to receive approval for the bug. Years later it was found that  Bulger and Flemmi before, during & after were TOP ECHELON FBI informants whom were also doubled as serial murderers, some of which FBI agents: Connolly, Buckley, Callen, Ring and Morris knew of the homicidal acts while  Flemmi and  Bulger were their sources.
  • In early 1986, Gennaro “Jerry” Angiulo was sentenced to serve 45 years in federal prison on 12 counts of racketeering, loan-sharking, gambling and obstruction of justice charges.Excessive considering he was not found guilty of any murders.

MercurioFBI FBI surveillance of Mercurio (right), with Raymond “Junior” Patriarca (left)

  • First time ever recorded Mafia induction Ceremony on October 29, 1989.The five-hour tape of the ceremony proved that, despite protestations to the contrary by groups like the Italian-American Civil Rights League, the Mafia was an actual organization, with rule that verged on religious doctrine. Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio informed the FBI of an upcoming Mafia induction ceremony arranged by Raymond “Junior” Patriarca in Medford, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.The Feds wired the house for sound, and the entire ceremony was taped for posterity.It was a coup for Mercurio’s handlers: FBI agent John Connolly Jr., & Michael J. Buckley. Mercurio even turned down the sound on the TV so that the reception for the bug would be heard & recorded clearly.


  • June 5, 1989, The Fedknew 11 days before the Salemme Attempted Assassination that would take place on June 16, 1989. The FBI was Informed by there informant  Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio.


  •  Mob operations in Boston in 1990, had been nearly decimated, and the only people committing crime in New England was the State Police Informants, DEA informants,FBI informants, ATF informants, some committing serial acts of murder as well as other violent and very serious criminal activities as the PUBLIC RECORDS so supports.

12-8-2013 3-16 PM (1)1997,1998 and 1999 Rico trials District of Massachusetts/Boston/Worcester:

  • On November 2, 1999 and Again on December 1999 Francis  Salemme secretly Received Immunity From Both State and Federal Prosecution Before, During and After Vincent M. Marino”s Second Rico Trial in 1999 and The Government Including the Appellee (s) AUSA:Cynthia Ann Young Intentionally Concealed this Fact From Marino.

limone salJoseph Salvati(left) Peter Limone (right)

  • On December 21, 2000 The four innocent men wrongfully convicted received a cash payment reward for their pain and suffering. While the Boston and Washington D.C. FBI took the attitude that the convicted foursome were guilty of something, convicting them for a crime they did not commit does not meet the standards of American Justice under a suppose democratic civilized society.Limone, Salvatti and the Estate’s of the deceased Greco & Tameleo who died in prison received a Jury Trial settlement of $101,750,000 by U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner in Boston on July 26, 2007. for the FBI’s complicity & fraudulently convicting them.This case was also investigated by Congress.They found that the United States Department of Justice and the Boston FBI were culpable in the egregious misconduct.See Limone v. United States , 479 F.Supp.2d 143 (District of Massachusetts/Boston 2007) in support. Affirmed by the United States Court of Appeals For The First Circuit.


  •  The United States Parole Commission quietly released the frail and sickly 88 year old mob kingpin Gennaro “Jerry” Angiulo In July 2007, from federal prison hospital located in Fort Devens, Massachusetts. He was being treated for Kidney disease that cost the tax payers more money than it was worth. Just a few years later he died from the kidney disease.


  • Enrico “RICO” Ponzo  apprehended February 7, 2011 after 17 years on the lam. was on the run since 1994,caught in Marsing Idaho on a farm.Accused  with trying to kill Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme Sr in 1989 & excess of other charges. Ponzo starts trial in United States District Court District of Massachusetts Boston on October 7th, 2013, in front of Judge: Nathaniel M. Gorton, United States District Court Judge. with a wealth of information generated from both of  Vincent Marino’s trials in 1998 and 1999 loaded with corruption.

1319440440851.cachedJames “Whitey” Bulger apprehended June 22, 2011,  FBI   agents with the Violent Crimes Task Force gathered at the Bureau’s Los Angeles headquarters on Wilshire Boulevard.They were joined by Deputy U.S. Marshals  and heavily armed members of the LAPD SWAT team.The agents and cops were wired, tense with anticipation, for they were hoping to take down the FBI’s most wanted man, a criminal who had evaded capture for more than 16 years despite one of the largest worldwide manhunts in the history of the United States.That man, these agents believed, was living with his mistress in an apartment complex in Santa Monica, California   just five miles from where the task force had assembled.

The Bureau did not want to screw it up this time. For years the agency had been humiliated time after time in locations around the world–from England to Australia, Italy to Ireland–as tips and reported sightings had failed to produce an arrest.Bulger was a phantom. There was rampant speculation that he was in fact the FBI’s least wanted fugitive, that the Bureau was merely making a show of trying to find him for fear of the consequences of his arrest–of what his secrets would reveal not just about the underworld but about the United States Justice Department & its components itself.At last the bust was about to go down. Sharpshooters had the tree shaded building surrounded. Fearing a shootout, they decided not to break down the door and go in with guns blazing.Instead they concocted a RUSE to lure the gangster from his lair.Agents contacted the building manager and instructed him to call the apartment.When the man they believed was Bulger answered, identifying himself as Mr. Gasko, the building manager told him a storage locker he was using in the basement of the building had been broken into & asked him to come down to make a claim.The balding, white-haired man shuffled from the apartment and took the elevator to the basement. He wasn’t noticeably surprised or even upset when he walked into the trap and found a small army of federal agents with guns pointed at his head.“James Bulger!” an agent yelled. “You’re under arrest! Put your hands on your head. Drop to your knees. Lay face down. Hands behind your back.”Agents swarmed around him.There was that familiar click and grip of the cuffs around his wrists.”Yes.” he admitted, “I am James Bulger.You got me. “Whitey Bulger smiled. At last he could stop running.


Bulger’s upcoming trial is the most anticipated public airing of the biggest law enforcement scandal in the United States history and the particulars both indirectly & directly surround Marino’s case. See United States v. Marino, United States Court of Appeals Numbers: 12-2253 & 12-2324 (1st Cir.2012) (First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston) PENDING.

vincent-marino-11.jpgMarino v. Department of Justice, et al., civil action #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia)

November 12, 2013 Specific Documents which may lead to Marino’s actual, factual and legal innocence of the June 16th, 1989, Salemme attempted murder, depicted as predicate racketeering act A-2 in Count One RICO and Count Two RICO conspiracy against Marino.

  • Marino v. United States Attorneys Office District of Massachusetts, et al., civil action #12-cv-872-RMC.


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    1. If you were read up on our website you would know it’s lower back, we ask that you take a few minutes out of your day and educate yourself as to avoid the confusion. Another fact you should be aware of it was not only the FBI 27 agencies are involed,Its all in the public domain if you need another reference.thank you for your concern on project Marino.


    2. First, PROJECT MARINO, is extremely accurate, and its author is Vincent Michael Marino, one whom went to two RICO trials:In 1998, which the government presented 314 exhibits, 120 witnesses, 2 witness protection program witnesses, and 3 codefendant witness against Marino and 14 others, in a three and a half month trial, which the government spent over 2 million dollars to try.

      Marino, was found NOT GUILTY of possession of a machine gun, silencer, muffler and destructive devices in Count 4 and 30 at trial in 1998. Marino was also found NOT GUILTY of the use of the machine guns, silencers and muffler and destructive devices in the conspiracy to murder 14 named individuals and in the conspiracy to distribute drugs.

      Also for the record I, was shot in my lower back area of my body, and yes the covertly surgically implanted device was not implanted in my buttocks but my abdominal area of my body, while I was placed under general anesthesia for a previous gunshot wound which the Massachusetts General Hospital in conjunction with the NSA and CIA, did in-fact without my permission and a valid court order IMPLANT Marino with a GPS/tracking/ biochip device in my body, on November 24, 1996.If the FBI, DEA and Massachusetts State Police did not notify Marino on December 15, 1996 at the Logan International Airport in Boston, of the above Marino would not have known about it. See Marino v. Gammel, 191 F.Supp.2d 243 (D.Mass.2002); Marino v. Massachusetts General Hospital, et al., civil action #99-5655-H. (District of Massachusetts Boston);

      Also see Marino v. CIA, et al., civil action #11-cv-813-RMC. (District of Columbia); Marino v. CIA, et al., United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit #12-5325 (D.C.Cir.2013) petition For Rehearing & or Suggestion for Rehearing En Banc. PENDING Writ of Certiorari request in the Supreme Court to be drafted.


  2. My father worked for Joe Lombardo in the mid 30’s. He trained horses for him and did whatever was needed around the track.
    There is one true story that would make for one great mob movie………they’re all dead now so it can be told….how my dad beat the New England bookies and bookmakers up and down the east coast for large money…and he got paid and was allowed to keep it and live. The old man was a good friend to my father.

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