Paul A. DeCologero

Paul A. DeCologero Acquitted of all charges in the Rico Trials , acquitted of four life sentences at Rico Trial #1, et al.. Convicted in another case of murdering a witness.

14 thoughts on “Paul A. DeCologero”

  1. Is this the same Paul Decologero I served with at Marine Barracks, Concord California, and is Rachael the daughter of Cliff Latchford? if so, I recall your Dad. I was his roommate


  2. Since my last comments i found out that Pauly is now at usp Atwater in California. He’s easy to look up, so those who want t o contact should go to and do a people search. Take time to drop him a line


    1. Bull dog this is Rachael Paulie god daughter I have been in contact with him….he is in good moods and hopefully he will get out and justice will be on his side….hopefully you too have been able to talk with him if not shoot me an email I write him daily and talk with him weekly he needs all the support he can get


    1. Yes it is true I have been in contact with him and hopefully within a matter of weeks he will get the news we have all been waiting for….I love my godfather and I pray he gets his life back


  3. Yes he is my godfather and this was a case he has been fighting to win since 2006…everyone else was aquitted but him….and now I want to know where he is!!!! He is a sweet and gentle man that lost everything cause of a dirty FBI agent that actually killed himself after admitting he tampered with evidence….So papie if you are seeing this or any of his family please get ahold of Rachael Latchford or Susie and let us know what is going on.. I miss my uncle/godfather and want nothing more than to hear your beautiful voice again


      1. I was at pen 1 coleman with Pauly. My name is bull dog and i was with the Florida car at pen 1. Pauly is a stand up guy, a mans man. Someone i am honored to call a friend. Out of envy and greed some of his own people jumped him on the rec yard. There was nothing we could do to help him, we couldn’t get there in time to defend him. But he’s a soldier and got some get back in the shu. My thoughts and prayers are with him


  4. Can this possibly be the same guy (Paul Decologero) that attended the “House of Health” gym in Lynnfield about 30 years ago? I remember him as a sweet gentleman. I had such a “crush” on this man. He was handsome and fit and very charismatic. Is it possible that this same guy ordered a murder? I am stunned.


    1. Gail….100% my godfather did not do that …..he may be guilty of something’s but murder is not one….he is the true in true a good man and was my dad best friend and hopefully he gets justice soon….I talk to bim everyday


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