Joseph J.R. Russo

jrJoseph J.R. Russo

Nickname: “J.R.”

Address: Boston’s Beacon Hill

Born: 1931, East Boston, Massachusetts

Died: “June 1998, Springfield, Missouri Federal Prison Medical Center

Affiliation: Patriarca Family, Lucchese Family.

Russo was one of the most infamous nefarious gangsters in New England history. He was dubbed “a genius with a carbine” by fellow mobster and powerful high ranking Capo Illario Zannino for the way he gunned down hit-man turned stool pigeon Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza, while Barboza was on the Federal Witness Protection Program in 1976, in San Francisco, California.Barboza was the first guy ever to be killed while on the Federal Witness Protection Program.Russo was described by the government as being an unindicted coconspirator of Marino.But it wasn’t just Russo’s killing skills that made him memorable. it was the way he conducted part of a one extremely famous, NOW not so secret Mafia ritual.

A mob boss in 1989, of the New England Mafia, he literally killed his way to the top, known for his extremely expensive custom made suits and sharp features, pure white full set of hair, Russo tracked  Barboza to San Francisco, where he cut down the FBI informant with four close-range shotgun blasts on February 11, 1976. Barboza admitted to killing over 29 people. And Five more while he was on the Federal Witness Protection Program. Which with a plea deal he only served 3 years in State Prison for them, only because the Boston’s FBI H. Paul Rico and Dennis Condon as well as then United States Attorney Edward Harrington, vouched for him with a promise to the State prosecutions prosecutors that they will testify on Barboza’s behalf if it went to trial. However after Barboza served his sentence he was greeted with a gift four shot gun blasts from a shotgun caring Russo.The murder of the burly Barboza was enough to win Russo notoriety among his mob peers, nation wide.But his raspy voice on an FBI tape of a mob induction ceremony that made him infamous.

Induction Ceremony:

The site of the October 29, 1989 ceremony was an ordinary yellow house in Medford, Massachusetts that was the home to the sister of Vincent Federico and her husband Angelo, who was partners with Marino’s aunt Anna in a Restaurant called Bernado’s on Fleet Street in Boston’s North End Little Italy section.Federico was one of the four men scheduled to become made men in the Patriarca crime family, according to public accounts.Captured for posterity, Russo is heard issuing the 300 plus year old Mafia sacred oath of “Omerta,” or silence, to the four new members.It was at this same ceremony  that Russo would be named head of the New England Mafia.Listening, as the men pricked their trigger fingers to draw blood and burned holy cards of saints, was a team of  FBI agents, most of later were found to be corrupted by James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi via: Receiving cash payoffs to protect their criminal organization from its enemies The New England Mafia and Marino and Ponzo also  from law enforcement investigations and indictments. Also see United States v. Connolly ( FBI agent), 341 F.3d 16-24 (1st Cir.2003), showing Agent Connolly part of the Salemme, Flemmi and  Bulger’s criminal organization.

Russo was a real live gangster.As the men pricked their trigger fingers to draw blood and burned holy cards the Catholic Saints, was a team of FBI agents who were building a case against the mob. Six months after that ceremony, twenty mob members, including Patriarca Family figure head: Raymond “Junior” Patriarca and the real live Boss: Joseph J.R. Russo, his half brother Carrozza as well as Ferrara and others would be indicted on charges that included racketeering (The RICO STATUTE) racketeering conspiracy (RICO conspiracy Statute), gambling, extortion, drug trafficking and murder.

Russo later died in Federal Prison Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri, where he was serving 13 years under a plea-agreement via: an Afred Plea, which was derived from the United States Supreme Courts case Alfred v. United States,which allows a criminal defendant to plead under the Alfred plea of guilty, which essential means that the defendant (Russo) is not actually admitting guilt to killing Barboza, but admits that the government may have enough to convict him of the crime had it went to trial.


  • For the record that famous Mafia induction ceremony tapes were later found by a Federal Chief Judge: Mark L. Wolf be obtained illegally, as the affiant FBI agent: Steffens and Assistant United States Attorney : Chief of the New England Organized Crime Strike Force: Diane Kottmyer, filed false and misleading affidavits, application and reports to support the ROVING surveillance Warrant.Diane Kottmyer an Assistant United States Attorney District of Massachusetts, also unlawfully, allowed Angelo “Sonny”Mercurio to flee after she knew he set-up Salemme to be shot on June 16, 1989 and the June 1989, Grasso murder while Mercurio  worked as a TOP ECHELON  FBI informant for the United States Department of Justice and its components: the FBI .


Specifically FBI agents: Buckley, Connolly, Morris, Ring, Callen and Newton,H.Paul Rico, Gamel’s corruption became apparent See:

  • FBI agent: Connolly has been convicted in Federal Court of RICO and served a 10 year prison sentence and is now convicted of murder in Florida State court is is now serving a 40 year state prison sentence.
  • FBI agent: Ring, slipped through all of the corruption which he was apart of.
  • FBI agent: Callen was fired from the FBI for intentionally choking out a women federal prosecutor in Court.

2 thoughts on “Joseph J.R. Russo”

  1. It’s Dennis Condon…not condigan…and for the record J.R. Russo was NEVER a boss (Raymond jr was a figure head…billy grasso was boss until he was murdered, then Nicky Bianco took over)…Russo was thought of as a complete idiot


    1. What are your credentials to even question Marino? How many RICO trials have you experienced? How much jail time did you do? What are your credentials besides that you have a doctorate degree in English grammar?

      Marino was retried in 1999 on the hung jury counts and then was found “NOT PROVEN” beyond a reasonable doubt of the June 16th, 1989 Salemme (Witness Protection Program name: Eric Gilman) attempted murder depicted as predicate racketeering act A-2 in Count One: RICO and Count Two: RICO conspiracy on December 22, 1999, via: USA v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NMG. (District of Massachusetts) JURY TRIAL.Marino possesses strong accurate accounts that Gilman cannot match in his website.Next, there may be grammar mistakes in the writings of PROJECT MARINO, but make no mistake about its accuracy.

      Moreover, PROJECT MARINO, is not a racist website, we respect all religions and races and do not appreciate any derogatory remarks concerning the well respected hard working Sicilian people (derogatory remarks made by Eric Gilman were not approved to be viewed).Also:Joseph “J.R.” Russo, is a well respected great man and extremely famous.And was never deemed an idiot by anyone except maybe Frank Salemme, did not like him and perceived him as a ferocious competitor. Apparently, Salemme, whom is now in the Federal Witness Protection Program feared Russo and was not a fan of his.Also Raymond Junior was and is a very intelligent man, whom was smart enough to get away from all the politics involved in that life, and my hat goes off to him, as he is a good man and Marino’s good friend.


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