Raymond Patriarca Jr.

Raymond “Junior” Patriarca Jr.Raymond “Junior” Patriarca

Nicknames: “Junior,” “Rubber Lips”

Born: February 24, 1945

Address: Lincoln, Rhode Island

Affiliations: Patriarca Family, Genovese/Gambino Families of New York

Induction Ceremony:

It was a super secret ceremony for centuries, until Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio decided to give up the location of the secret Mafia induction ceremony held on the outskirts of Boston, in Medford, Massachusetts. This bomb shell and the results of the Boston’s FBI hidden microphones TAPES are now used WORLD-WIDE even in Italy and Sicily, to convict the alleged members world-wide.

The ceremony tape stated as follows: “I enter alive into  this  organization and leave it dead,” the men intoned after blood was drawn from each one of the inductee subjects finger and a holy card with an image of a saint was burned.

A throng of New England mobsters watched as the four men were made into the Family.They swore to “enter into this organization to protect my family and to protect all my friends I swear not to divulge his secret and obey with love and omerta.”Unfortunately for “omerta” (silence), federal agents were listening in, tipped off that an induction ceremony would be held at the Medford home of Marino’s aunt’s partner in the Restaurant business called “Bernado’s” located on Fleet Street in the North End, just off of Hanover Street. This Restaurant prior to was a Funeral Home, some say the ghosts still haunt it.The Massachusetts home of Angelo, was on Guild Street, Medford, which held the First time ever recorded Mafia induction Ceremony on October 29, 1989.The five-hour tape of the ceremony proved that, despite protestations to the contrary by groups like the Italian-American Civil Rights League, the Mafia was an actual organization, with rule that verged on religious doctrine.

Blame for this major slip in protocol was laid primarily at the doorstep of a man who had succeeded his father as Mafia crime boss, a scion who was considered just a dim cutout of his more ruthless father. Raymond “Junior” Patriarca, was the son of Raymond L.S. Patriarca Sr., who had led the Italian faction of the mob from Rhode Island until his death in 1984.After a power struggle among his son, Gennaro Angiulo of the North End, Boston enforcer Ilario Zannino and others, Junior emerged as the boss.New York crime families had a hand in settling the matter. Many mob watchers considered the 39 year old an odd choice.

A better choice, Boston Globe scribed Kevin Cullen wrote in 1990, would have been tough guy Nicholas “Nicky” Bianco, a close ally & friend of Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme and a former New Yorker.While others say Joseph J.R. Russo was as tough as they get and should have been handed over the Kingdom. Even though he was not considered for it. He alleged took it by force according to public accounts in 1989. Remember Russo, the same Russo that was charged with killing the very first guy ever killed on the Federal Witness Protection Program in 1976 in California, that person was Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza whom admitted to killing more than 29 people some with his bear hands, and another 5 more while on the Witness Protection Program, before his death in 1976 in San Francisco, California. Russo’s Alfred Plea does not admit that he killed anyone only that the government may have enough to convict him of it if it went to trial. See Supreme Court case Alfred v. United States or United States v. Alfred.


While Junior’s father grew up poor and never finished high school, Junior grew up in an affluent Providence, Rhode Island suburb and attended (but did not graduate from) college.One unnamed source told Christopher Callahan of the Associated Press in July 1985, “This kid still’s got milk on his face.”Although most under estimate Junior, the close ones who really known him know that the fox that bit him died of rabies.He was also visible in the community, a Mafioso no-no, Callahan reported.This included lending office space to the Italian-America Civil Rights League, headed by the soon-to-be whacked Joseph Colombo, and investing in a Rhode Island eatery that featured giant photos of the 1930s gangsters.He also regularly called to Rhode Island radio talk shows in which he expressed his views on specific subjects. Junior was actually a very intelligent human being.

Four years later, Junior made the ultimate gaffe by authorizing an induction ceremony that was, unbeknownst to him at the time, recorded by the Corrupt Boston FBI as was later known. The Boston FBI Steffens and New England Organized Crime Strike Force Chief AUSA: Diane Kottmyer intentionally lied on the Applications for a warrant to actually bug the place at Guild Street in Medford, Massachusetts a federal judge later ruled.Included among those present at the Medford ceremony, according to reports in march 190 when the tapping was made public, were Joseph J.R. Russo, Vincent “The Animal” Ferrara, Robert F. “Bobby Russo” Carrozza, Mathew Gugliemetti, Charles Quintina and Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio.

Indicted RICO charges:

In March 1990, Junior Patriarca was indicted on a host of racketeering RICO and RICO Conspiracy charges along with Russo, Ferrara, Carrozza & others.In December 1991, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to serve Eight years in Federal Prison.While he served his sentence, boss duties were assumed by Frank “Cadillac Frank” Salemme, a well seasoned harden serial killer since the 1960s Irish Gang Wars whom he was partners with Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza, Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, James “Whitey” Bulger, John V. Martorano in killing numerous Irish gangsters. He was made for the position of Boss more so than Junior. Although Joseph J.R. Russo possessed the throne before  he was indicted in 1990, as Patriarca was just a figure head at the time and the Power shifted to Boston for the first time in 30 years. Although the muscle was always there.Bianco, a member of the Columbo crime family, was indicted in 1990 on a slew of charges, including conspiracy to murder, wire fraud and interstate travel in aid of racketeering.He was stricken with Lou Gehrig’s disease and died in federal prison in 1994.

In 1998, Junior was released from prison a multi-Millionaire, and reportedly has retired from mob activity and is living a luxurious life style, which to some people says he deserves it. An intelligent man by retiring from the life of treachery.Junior learned early that the FBI is the real Mafia, as they control the Top Players within some Mafia Families through out the country and controls who dies, who goes to jail and who get a free pass.See The United States Department of Justice‘s  and FBI’s TOP ECHELON Informant Program, two criteria’s must be met. (1) the person must be an accomplished serial killer and (2) a high ranking member of an organization.(3) Leek highly sensitive information to the FBI concerning their criminal organization’s activities.

4 thoughts on “Raymond Patriarca Jr.”

  1. Thank-you for the response back and the info which I will look up. unfortunately I have a death in my family this week so I will not get to the references but I will ,and, I thank-you for this info I came upon all this by looking u p a funeral parlor and after I read what I read could not believe what I did read. I have had a few instances with the federal government .My, husband received 8years for a broken down gun that was found in his house. Unlawful entry unlawful, search. When it went to trial there was 2 different POLICE REPORTS!!! He hired certain attorneys That SOLD HIM OUT TO THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT They wanted to give him RICO ACT but thank GOD! I was smart enough to convince my husband to get rid of this team of RATS. At the time I was working as a bartender in Florida and got to meet an attorney out of New York. I was looking for an appeals attorney when I told them what he was facing was Rico Act. he told me to FIRE RHODE ISLAND ATTORNYS IMIDEATLY and I did . And again thank GOG because without him my husband would had died in their. Mr. Zone BARRY ZONE AWESOME!!! He fought so hard and got the RICO charge dropped and reduction to 6yrs but judge Torres enhanced him lying under oath at pre-trial ,and enhanced him for being on run and he supposedly made a witness lie for him. the man that the gun belong to actually got on the stand to say the gun belonged to him it was an heirloom from his dad or something what ever my husband got found guilty . If you ever heard closing arguments JOE VACCOLLA PRACTICLLY HANDED MY HUSBAND OVER TO THE JURY I WANTED TO GET UP AND FIRE HIM THEN!!!! all total he gets 8yrs.This story gets better it was confirmed( that first attorneys office )JOE VACCOLLA SOLD HIM DOWN THE RIVER TO THE FEDRERAL GOVERMENT by MR ZONE,…Now,, my husband is stationed in MIAMI FEDERAL Prison.I can write a book how many times I GOT TORMENTED!!!! CHECKED ALL THE TIME, DRUG TESTS, CLOTHES WEREN’T RIGHT, What-ever they could do to me they did to make the visit miserable…Besides,, all that I use to go see him 3 times a week and he called every day well I didn’t get a phone call from him this day ,before when I went to see him he didn’t look good and told him to see nurse or who-ever .I finally get a phone call from an inmates wife and she tells me my husband was rushed to hospital .Now, I get on the phone calling hospitals every where within 10miles either direction from hospital well it took me 24hours BUT I FOUND WHERE HE WAS!!I had feeling about this one hospital and I called back and went in back door telling NURSE that MIAMI FEDERAL PRISON TOLD ME MY HUSBAND WAS THERE .WELL! that receptionist gives me the head nurse to his room She puts one of the guards watching over him Let me tell you something HE WENT BELISTIK ON ME!! HE TOLD ME MY HUSBAND WAS PROPERTY OF FEDERAL GOVERMENT AND ICOULD ONLY GET TO SEE HIM IF HE WAS DEAD !!!! HE TOLD ME IF I EVER CALLED THERE AGAIN OR TRIED TO GO TO SEE HIM I WOULD BE ARRESTED AND MY HUSBAND WOULD BE FLOWN TO AN UNDISCLOSED PLACE!!!!!! They cut him like a PIG! They put him under 2times within 24hrs.STAPLES WERE TAKEN OUT IN PRISON ALL INFECTED!! HE when I saw him I DID NOT KNOW WHO HE WAS. that’s how much weight he lost . In the 8years I learned so MUCH .ONCE THEY WANT YOU THEY KEEP YOU!!!!!!They do not care what you lose or who you lose!!!!!!!!!!! I thank-you again and I will read those articles


    1. Sorry for your bad experiences with the BOP, and the NAZI GERMANY USA REGIME, this is the ONLY country in the World were you can pick a jury and go to trial and get a NOT PROVEN beyond a reasonable doubt of a charge and be sentenced to an EXTRA 25 years for it.See USA v. Marino, 97-cr-40009-NMG. (District of Massachusetts) Sentencing Transcripts of Marino, April 13, 2000, pages 1,20-24, in support.

      Marino, received an extra 25 years in prison for the June 16th, 1989 Salemme attempted murder that the JURY found Marino NOT PROVEN beyond a reasonable doubt of predicate racketeering act A2 Salemme attempted murder, in Counts One: RICO and Count Two: RICO conspiracy.Marino received a 35 year federal prison sentence, in NAZI America’s Court System, Adolph Hilter would be proud of the American Court system 2015.


  2. I believe with ALL my heart and soul FBI IS TRUE MAFIA.They put away an innocent man took away everything from him made a jury believe he needed to get the electric char back then in 1968.MADE this man live a terrible life behind bars taking his family dignity away from him. I remember him taking a heart attack in his cell in WALL POLE and them leaving him their tormenting him until he almost died in his cell did they finally get him to a hospital !!! He later died in jail many years later in jail never seeing the streets again His wife died his brothers died his granddaughter died an early death who was HIS pride and joy!! Guess what happens after all this THE CASE GETS OVER TURNED HE IS FOUND INNOCENT!!!! After 30 years he did about 18 20 years before he died then guess what THE GOVERMENT HANDS DOWN ! million to each one involved for each year what ever BUT DO YOU THINK THAT ANY AMOUNT CAN BE PUT ON WHAT THESE MEN ENDURED THRU OUT ALL THOSE YEARS ALL THOSE LOSES THEY ENDURED WOULD EVER EVER TAKE A PLACE OF ANY $ SIGN!!! The man I am speaking about is HENRY TAMELLEO a man I called uncle and I loved him with all my heart and soul.I visited him from when I was so young HE ALWAYS SAID HE SAID TO ME Jo-ANN I DID NOT DO THIS!!!! MY uncle Henry did not deserve to die in a place like that and for any amount I KNOW MY UNCLE HENRY WOULD RATHER HAVE HAD HIS LIFE BACK YEARS THEY TOOK AWAY FROM HIM ON PURPOSE!!! they kept evidence out of CASE KEPT IT COVERD UP!!! THEY MURDED HIM!!!!! BY KNOWINGLY KNOWING HE WAS INNOCENT!!!!!! AND what is so sad his wife and grand-daughter Jeannie who he adored never got to witness the fact that he was found NOT GUILTY They were DEAD by then!!! I have to close know because if I ever get into how the word serial killer is so loosely used I will leave it like this My definition of a SERIAL KILLER is totally different than what this article is saying what a serial killer is!!!!!!!!!


    1. You are correct, the FBI controls the Streets NOW, through the TOP ECHELON FBI/Department of Justice’s informant program, they pick who die, who goes to jail and who gets a fee pass.See Congress’s investigation titled: “EVERYTHING SECRET DEGENERATES THE FBI/Department of Justice’s USE OF MURDERESS AS INFORMANTS.”

      PROJECT MARINO exposes all this. Also see Marino v. Department of Justice, et al., civil law suit #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia) PENDING, Maino requests that the Department of Justice hand over the heavly redacted FBI’S/Department of Justice TOP ECHELON Program documents among other things.


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