Robert Carozza

Robert Francis Carozza

Alleged shot caller of the Supposed “renegade action”

Born: N/a

Affiliation: Patriarca Family

Rico trial strategy:

Assistant United States Attorney Jefferey Auerhahn not only used Carrozza as an informant or spy in the defense camp (discovery trial strategy, etc.), but also used him as an extention of the prosecution. Carrozza gave credibility to witnesses already discredited by the defense attorneys and opened up points for the prosecution to pursue.See Trial Transcript DAY 22, pages 1-45, 50, page 122, 124-128, 197.The government’s case hinged upon the evidence submitted to prove Carrozza’s guilt. The government emphasized that Carrozza was  a member of the leadership of the New England Mafia, the Alleged Patriarca Family. He was the headman, the glue, that held everything together. As the government so stipulated continuously at both of Marino’s RICO trials in 1998 and 1999.See Trial Transcript DAY 5, page 34 (lines 4-9, 15-20), Page 35 (lines 23-25) page 39 (lines 11-12), Page 41 (lines 23-25), DAY 5 page 74 (lines 6-14).

Carrozza’s activities from prison:

Carrozza was the man who ordered murders from his federal prison cell, the government stipulates to See;Trial Transcript DAY 5, page 44 (lines 21-25), Page 45 (lines 1-3).When Carrozza Plead Guilty and left, the Court gave curative instructions. The instructions could NOT overcome the jury’s inference of  Marino’s guilt. Carrozza received ONLY a 2 year sentence for ORDERING 3 murders, 7 shootings, and 1 stabbing, and the conspiracy to murder 14 others, using Machine Guns, Silencers and destructive devices, in an attempt to over through the New England Mafia according to the government from 1989 through 1994. See United States v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NMG. (District of Massachusetts/Boston/Worcester) in support.

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