The Angiulo Family

jerry-angiulo-mobGennaro Angiulo

Nickname: “Jerry”

  • Born: March 20, 1919, North End of Boston, Died:August 29, 2009, Boston
  •  Addresses: 95 Prince Street, Boston, 98 Prince Street, Boston and Nahant, Massachusetts.

Association: Patriarca Family, Angiulo Family

Vittore Nicolo Angiulo

Nickname: “Nick,” “Nicky”

  • Born: 1916, Died: September 13, 1987

 Donato AngiuloDonato Angiulo (Left) Bulger (Right)

Nicknames: “Danny,” “Smiley”

  • Born: March 21, 1923, Boston, Died: May 3, 2009, Boston

Michael Angiulo

Nickname: “Mike”

  • Born: 1927, Died: November 29, 2006


Francesco-Angiulo1Francesco Angiulo (Center)

Nicknames: “Frankie,” “Frankie the Cat”

  • Born: 1919, Died: Records states August 29, 2009, however he may be still alive, if so I’ll supplement it with the facts.


James W. Angiulo

Nickname: “Jimmy Jones”

  • Born: 1939



The old fashioned thick red Harvard antique water struck brick tenement at the corner of Prince and Thatcher Street looks like all the other buildings in the thickly settled Little Italy North End section of Boston.The area sprung a family of the Angiulo’s whom ruled the New England Mafia with an Iron Fist.Its appearance is the heart of and the birth place of the New England Mafia and childhood home of then future mob bosses through out history including Gennaro “Jerry” Angiulo Inc.

It is located across the street and just steps from Jerry’s boyhood home. Equipped with a Restaurant Style heavy Duty full sized commercial stove and a Television for watching Jerry’s favorite show, “The Wild, Wild World of Animals,” the 98 Prince Street Office was the meeting area which conducted mob business.In the year of 1980, the Boston FBI bugged those meetings with planting of super sophisticated electronic listening devices in the ceiling of the OFFICE the devices facilitated evidence for indictments that decimated Boston’s and New England Mafia.They would grow up to become Boston’s leading crime family, worth over a half billion dollars.But out of the six Angiulo boys and one girl from the North End neighborhood, only one, Gennaro, would rule as underboss of the Patriarca family, although Vittore was a very powerful Consigliore, before his death. The brothers grew up in Depression-era Boston amid a tangle of red Harvard Antique water struck kagonic brick tenements in the North End neighborhood brimming with newly arrived Italian and Sicilian immigrants.

A three-story walk-up at 98 Prince Street, located at the corner of Prince and Thatcher Streets was their home.Their Italian immigrant parents Caesar and Giovanni Angiulo, owned a string of grocery stores on a busy Hanover Street, where their sons: Gennaro, Vittore, Donato, Michael, Francesco, Jimmy, worked before their own fortunes in real estate, night clubs, Stock Market and illegal and legal rackets.By the 1960s, they were publicly named by a Congressional Investigation into New England Organized Crime as members of a  secret society, named______________, running loan-sharking and gambling operations out of 98 Prince Street, just steps away from their childhood home.

98 Prince St Boston MA Google Maps“THE OFFICE”

98 Prince Street, Boston’s North End
Headquarters of the New England Mafia

It was at this address on Prince Street that became “THE OFFICE” or headquarters of the New England Mafia where microphone or bugs were installed the a specialized team of “Black Bag” operatives whom were professionals in breaking and entering houses, office buildings to strategically place the bugs.This was possible because of the FBI and United States Attorneys Office District of Massachusetts Boston had to file an application to receive the Court Order to do so, were derived from the information’s that FBI TOP ECHELON informants:James “Whitey” Bulger, Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi and Sammy Bershowitz’s supplied to the FBI .


It was at that Prince Street headquarters were the FBI captured the brothers as they talked and talked of murders, attempted murders, conspiracy to murders, killing the very first man ever on the Federal Witness Protection Program: Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza in 1976. According to Public Records Joseph J.R. Russo was charged with killing Barboza, while Barboza was on the Witness Protection Program in San Francisco, California in 1976.

In 1986, those taped conversations were used to convict Donato, Gennaro and Francesco Angiulo, the mob’s accountant, of racketeering charges also known as RICO charges.A fourth brother, Michele, was convicted of the lesser charge of illegal gambling.Despite being nicknamed “Smiley,” Donato “Danny” Angiulo was considered the toughest of the brothers and also never smiled.Known as a ruthless mob lieutenant and money collector, he controlled a crew of assassins of Mafia soldiers, also known as the “exterminators” or “fixers” they tend to fix the problems no matter what it is. The government states that the leader of the “Exterminators. Danny Angiulo was also an unindicted coconspirator of Marino’s case, also according to Public records, and alleged good friends with Marino.

The crew often met with each other at the Famous “Cafe’ Pompeii” on Hanover Street, in the North End of Boston, to discuss the alignment of gambling territories, and also potential problems that may need attention before they turn into a cancer.Following his 1986 federal trial, he was sentenced to twenty years in prison on racketeering, gambling and loan-sharking charges but was freed in 1997, after serving 11 years.Danny’s son Caesar is very good friends with Marino. Danny was in federal prison with Marino in Raybrook, New York in 1992-1993 as well. Nicolo “Nicky” Angiulo, was also very tough, the oldest of five brothers from Boston’s North End’s predominantly Italian/Sicilian area of Boston, served as consigliere or counselor to the Italian Mafia’s New England Branch.He kept a very low profile until 1983, when he was indicted along with his brothers Gennaro, Donato and Francesco on RICO charges.

Nicolo Angiulo, the first born of the brothers, kept a low profile and moved to Revere, Massachusetts off Broadway up the street from Marino’s house on Fenno Street in Revere Massachusetts. were Marino’s son Edward Vincent Marino was  born in February 1989, just one month later Marino’s house gets raided by a platoon of Massachusetts State Police Organized Crime Strike Force. Waiting for Marino to leave the house to avoid a potential shoot out according to State police Sergeant McGreal, watching as Marino attended cleaning out his Restaurant on the outskirts of Boston, in the nearby Everett area. Sergeant McGreal awaiting for his arrival, Marino’s house was raided the Detective were looking for a slew of purchased firearms by a former Charles Street Jail Guard and was alleged to have sold them to Marino.The search did not produce one firearm from that purchase.Nicolo was named family consigliere in 1974, a very powerful position. Considered to be very close with the Boss Raymond L.S. Patriarca.

Younger brother Francisco, a mob foot soldier who was in charge of the day-to-day operation of the family’s illegal gambling business, was held on a $1 million dollar bail upon his racketeering arrest but was set free within a month after getting two Indiana insurance companies to post $500,000 bond.

Michele A. Angiulo, a mob associate who served at St. Mary’s Chapel in the North End. was a loyal churchgoer despite his mob affiliations, friends said.Convicted in 1986 for conducting an illegal gambling business on Prince Street, he was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $5,000 but was released from jail just weeks later by U.S. District Court Judge David Nelson after the court received more than two hundred letters praising his character.Among the letters was one from a ten-year old girl who wrote: “He means an awful lot to me…he’s a very nice man.” Michele Angiulo’s release was overturned that same year by the U.S. Court of Appeals, which found that Judge nelson applied “an erroneous standard.” Michele was returned to jail to serve out the rest of his sentence.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuits had two standards:

  • (1) the release standard for everyone else
  • (2) the release standard for Italian’s which resulted in no release that could possibly be met concerning that specific group of people.


3 thoughts on “The Angiulo Family”

  1. Unfortunately who ever wrote this has alot of there information wrong, my great granfather “francesco angiulo” died in the early 1930’s he did not die in the 2000’s and he is no longer alive.


    1. Frank Angiulo went to a PUBLIC TRIAL in the 1980’s could not have possibly died in 1930’s.However, they may be another Frank Angiulo, whom you are referring to that may have died in the 1930’s.The Frank Angiulo we are referring to has 5 brothers Nicola, Gennaro, Donato, Michael, Jimmy
      and lived in the North End of Boston.If you need further evidence then GOOGLE Gennaro Angiulo and or see United States v. Angiulo, in the First District and First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, and you would find that the Francesco Angiulo we are referring to is not and could not logically be the same one you are talking about since your Francesco died in the 1930’s.

      Hence, our information is clearly and concededly correct. And according to you, your information may also be correct, but we are talking about two DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

      Respectfully PROJECT MARINO.


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