Gennaro “Jerry” Angiulo

aGennaro “Jerry”  Angiulo

Nickname: “Jerry”

Born: March 20, 1919, North End of Boston

Died: August 29, 2009, Boston

Addresses: 95 Prince Street, North End of Boston; 98 Prince Street, North End of Boston and Nahant, Massachusetts

Association: Patriarca Family, The Angiulo Family , New England Mafia

Jerry Angiulo’s mother was the real tough one out of all of them, both physically and mentally and owned a string of Grocery stores in the North End of Boston. Was also a card shark and extremely hard worker from Naples, Italy.


Jerry stood just five feet, seven inches weighing 140-150 pounds, but a booming voice, wisecracking style and sly yet ruthless temperament gave Gennaro “Jerry” Anguilo an edge among his gangland peers.Jerry in the end. however, it would be his fearlessness that finally did him in. One of seven children born to Italian immigrants from Naples, Italy Caesar and Giovannina Angiulo, Jerry began his life in a brick, walk-up apartment at 95 Prince Street in Boston’s Little Italy section called the North End.Later on he worked as a clerk in his father’s grocery store on Hanover Street, just a block away.By the time Jerry had graduated from the Boston English High School in the year of 1938, Jerry was talking about becoming a criminal defense lawyer.But then the Japanese, had abashed via: bombing of Pearl Harbor during and under Adolf Hitler’s direction. The attack would change Jerry’s life forever.Jerry enlisted in the United States Navy at the start of the war, looking to see some real live action.The young Angiulo would get his wish soon to see action in the Pacific Ocean.


Four years thereafter, after achieving the rank of Chief Boatswain’s mate, Jerry had returned to the Boston’s North End, where at the age of 28, he took a job driving a truck by day and taking bets on horses by night for the New England Mob Boss Joseph J.L. Lombardo.Jerry was always ambitious, and soon graduated to become a runner for the New England rackets.By the early 1950s, a congressional investigation into gambling was brewing with the numbers rackets in Boston and New England.A federal investigation into Organized Crime, led by the one and only Tennessee United States Senator C. Estes Kefauver, had instilled fear in the Mafia’s local leadership specifically Joseph J.L. Lombardo.Concerned that the unusually high profiled publicity panel was on the verge of exposing Lombardo‘s dealings in the extremely lucrative rackets.Through desperation Lombardo ordered all bookmaking operations in Boston and New England to be shut down until the heat blew over.In that extreme order, Jerry saw a very lucrative opportunity to fill the void.Jerry always a sharp businessman when it came to strategy facilitating the operations of Loan sharking and Gambling, Jerry approached Lombardo with an offer to take over the Mafia’s New England betting operations.Lombardo liked the younger man’s balls as much as his ability to churn a lucrative profit in the business rackets, so he agreed to the offer, cautioning his protege that he would get no protection should things go wrong.Lombardo, then the New England Mafia Boss, of course also got a very big piece of the pie.

Within a few years of the rackets profits rolling in of that agreement, Jerry’s personal wealth increased an extra $20 million plus. As the authorities estimated.Jerry now flushed with the cash from its profits soon began eying other lucrative business ventures.In 1961, Jerry opened Jay’s Lounge in Boston’s seedy Combat Zone, a red light district of Boston which features numerous strip clubs, peak shows, bars, X X X movies theaters, etc.Amid the neon lights of strip joints, gay clubs and tough biker bars, Jerry made a very sizable profit.Then in November 1962, about a year after Jerry opened the 253 Tremont Street lounge,  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ordered it bugged for sound.In Providence, Rhode Island the office of New England Mafia Boss Raymond L.S. Patriarca Sr, was also bugged for sound by the son’s of Hoover.

Congressional investigation:

By 1963, during the congressional investigation congress publicly identified Jerry as Patriarca’s  underboss in the New England Mafia.The Boston’s FBI wiretaps in Jerry’s case installed on Tremont Street and at Patriarca’s   Providence meeting places produced a slew of extremely valuable information concerning serial acts of murders between 1962 and 1965.Among the various productive conversations that $5,000 was paid to Massachusetts Attorney general Edward W. Brooks to obtain the acquittal of a Patriarca associate, records generated from a congressional intensive investigation independently corroborated.While the productive wiretaps shown a nefarious glimpse in the The New England Mafia’s covert underworld, it also contained a mob colleague who gave up the Mafia’s intricate sophisticated networks when federal informant Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza was expecting his gangster friends to pick up $100,000 bail money needed to free him from jail on various weapons charges pending on State Court.Both pals of Barboza was found with bullets in their heads dumped in a South Boston marsh area making it looked like it was part of the Irish gang war victims. This very pointed message to Barboza triggered him to cooperate with the Boston FBI and others against numerous New England gangsters as so that was his reasons for doing so.Barboza started talking . By the time he was finished, 7 mobsters including Angiulo and Patriarca were facing numerous murder and conspiracy charges.

At Angiulo’s 1967 arraignment, his eyes covered in Sunglasses pleaded not guilty to murder. Jerry was very lucky. At his January 1968 murder trial, he was acquitted of all charges, regardless of Barboza’s testimony, which was later found out that was perjurious.Approximately two months after, Patriarca was less fortunate. He was convicted of conspiracy to murder.By the third trial, four other mobsters were on death row because of the FBI‘s knowingly suborned perjurious testimonies from their prized informant Barboza. Which was years later discovered. FBI agents: H. Paul Rico and Dennis Condon as well as then United States Attorney Edward F. Harrington, complicit in Barboza’s perjury. Thereafter Harrington was rewarded with Judgeship in the United States District Court District of Massachusetts Boston for his keeping the dark secret quiet for years.

Similar years later Chief of the New England organized Crime Strike Force: Diane Kottmyer after her allowing the FBI‘s (Agent: John Connolly, Michael Buckley and James Ring‘s TOP ECHELON informant): Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio to flee after knowing while Mercurio was working as an informant he set-up Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme to be shot on June 16, 1989 with the assistance of two other informants Flemmi and Bulger (See Salemme , 91 F.Supp.2d 263 (D.Mass.1999) and planned the June 1989 Grasso murder.By the end of a thirds trial, four mobsters were on death row, two were serving a life term and Patriarca was in a United States Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia.With Raymond out of the picture, Jerry needed extra muscle which he received in Ilario “Larry” Zannino, very powerful Mafia capo with balls of steel. Zannino remained loyal to Jerry for decades until his death.

Armored car heist indictment:

In the year of 1969, a grand jury handed down an indictment charging the North End Chief Angiulo with being an accessory after the fact of a $68,000 armored car heist done in broad daylight with automatic weapons.The case was eventually thrown out of court following dead witnesses, and amnesia from the rest of the potential witnesses, some of whom later income has elevated.

Coast Guard incident:

Angiulo continue to operate under the radar of the FBI until 1972, when on the 4th of July, two United States Coast Guardsmen spotted a 45 foot yacht speeding in the Boston Harbor and wanted to board it for inspection.A three mile chase ensued, ending in a Dorchester marina, were Jerry Angiulo was now going to let the Coast Guard board his Yacht.The federal guardsmen inspection found three minor violations

(1) failure to stop, (2) failure to carry the boats registration and (3) harassment of a boarding Federal Officer.

Jerry crumpled the paper citations in front of the Federal Officers and threw it in one of the Guardsmen face, whom promptly arrested him for assault on a federal officer.Jerry after speeding a night in the Coast guards Brig, was brought to Federal Court where he faced only a judge but the courtroom filled with FBI, IRS, DEA, ATF, U.S. Marshals, Massachusetts State Police Detective, State and Federal Prosecutors, Newspaper reporters and other Justice and Treasury agents components of the United States Department of Justice .All had come to see the New England Mafia Chief Angiulo.At his 1973 trial, he was sentenced to serve just thirty days in jail for his foolishness.Jerry would fly under the radar for just about 10 more years before he was back in Federal Court in Boston.Hence, the Federal chase of Jerry was far from over and continued fiercely.

Electronic wiretap:


In 1981, the FBI caught a major break, as a Federal Judge: Garity half out of his mind and believed to have a strong case of Altimers approved a electronic wiretap at 98 Prince Street with the Affiant’s: James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi and Sammy Bershowitz was the star informants used on its application to receive approval for the bug. Years later it was found that Bulger and Flemmi before, during and after were TOP ECHELON FBI informants whom were also doubled as serial murderers, some of which FBI agents: Connolly, Buckley, Callen, Ring and Morris knew of the homicidal acts while Flemmi and Bulger were their sources.

The court’s approval for the bug was the epitome of the FBI against the New England Mafia headquarters in  the North End of Boston.Two years and hundreds of audio and video tapes later the FBI walked into Francesco’s Restaurant on North Washington Street, as Jerry and the rest of his crew was enjoying a evening meal and ready to consume a claims over linguine plate.As federal agent slapped the cuffs on Jerry Angiulo, his brothers Frank, Danny and Mike as well as Larry Zannino, The FBI agents involved with the investigation and arrests are: FBI agents: Connolly (now serving 40 years for a State of Florida murder conviction after he was also convicted in Federal Court of racketeering and received a ten year sentence).

FBI agent: Callen, (fired for choking a a federal prosecutor). FBI agent:  Buckley(under intensive investigation for numerous acts of murder and received cash payoffs from BulgerFlemmi and others) now retired and admitted partner and friend of convicted murderer FBI agent: Connolly. Gianturco, (also received cash payoffs from Flemmi and Bulger) Morris, (admitted receiving over $7,000 in cash payoffs from Bulger and Flemmi , under a grant of immunity) and is the government’s star and highly credible witness.

Taped conversations:

Among those taped conversations is one in which Jerry is heard ordering a hit on a Combat Zone bartender he believed would rat out the organization before a federal grand jury that was investigating the Mafia’s loan-sharking and gambling operations. Jerry is heard in loud and clear sound stating: “I hope it happens tonight.” “Just hit him in the fucking head and stab him, OK?The jeopardy is just a little too much for me. You understand American? he tells a colleague on the FBI tape.Whether barking at his underlings or ordering mob hits, Jerry’s very own words and fearlessness brought him down. The FBI would never had been able to get him if it was not for his own words caught on tape.In early 1986, Jerry was sentenced to serve 45 years in federal prison on 12 counts of racketeering, loan-sharking, gambling and obstruction of justice charges. Excessive considering he was found guilty of any murders.As capable jailhouse lawyer, Jerry filed several failed appeals, including one in which he argued that he had been framed by the FBI which includes FBI agent: Connolly.

Charles Street Jail:

Vincent Marino, was incarcerated with Jerry in 1987 at the infamous Charles Street Jail located off Cambridge Street in the West End of Boston, where the jail use to house Civil War prisoners from the South Rebel Army’s and when the United States Military captured a Hitler’s German U-Boat the German military prisoners were also held at the infamous Charles Street Jail in Boston.

Leavenworth riot:

2-6-Leavenworth-Prison200Vincent M. Marino also had the pleasure to be incarcerated with Jerry at the oldest Federal Penitentiary in the Country:  United States Penitentiary Leavenworth, Kansas in 1992, where Jerry and Marino found themselves in the middle of a all out riot were numerous inmates were killed and prison guards were captured and held hostage by some of the inmates. Marino in desperation immediately made two Huge home made swords out of splintered wood which came from the Movie Theater’s chairs which Marino through force literally pulled out of the bolted floor through kicking it until it broke into sharp wood fragments ready for battle.

Thereafter the warring inmates made it clear that it was not going to be a race war but a war against the administration and other warring factions of black gangs fighting each other which was fine but the Boston and New York Whites, Italians and Irish still held their weapons for self defense purposes, which the immediately gained the respect from both sides of the prisoner’s Warring East Coast and West Coast Black factions. Jerry kept yelling out to Marino, “here goes TARZAN,” “He’s With Me I brought him here from Boston, now what do you want to do,” while  Marino was arming up the rest of the Whites, Italians and Irish inmates from Boston and New York , it was serious then but very comical now looking back to 1992 during the Leavenworth Riot.The yard, Unicorn, West Wing, Movie Theaters, Commissary, Chow Hall was taken over by the inmates whom all possessed home made weapons and wearing masks to avoid being filmed by the surveillance camera’s.

Eventually the entire Federal Penitentiary was completely surrounded by FBI SWAT TEAMS, United States National Guards, State Police, Local Police, and other military personal, all armed to the teeth.A platoon of armed Guards wearing body armor carrying both Rubber bullet Rifle’s and real assault rifle’s entered the prison, first allowing all medical handicapped and other inmates whom wish not to further participate in it to leave.And then using explosives the guards blew open the barricaded area’s of the Movie Theater which Marino and Jerry Angiulo, along with the head of the Irish Gang called the Westies out of Hells Kitchen in New York’s City the one and only Jimmy Coonan, a very good friend of Marino’s whom is serving 80 years in prison and is a well respected and liked man. They accused Jimmy of literally chopping off the finger’s, hands, and heads of delinquent loan shark customers who  were late on payment of the juice.

In July 2007, the United States Parole Commission quietly released the frail and sickly 88 year old mob kingpin from federal prison hospital located in Fort Devens, Massachusetts. He was being treated for Kidney disease that cost the tax payers more money than it was worth. Just a few years later he died from the kidney disease. He was 90 or 92 years old.At his wake and funeral, hundreds lined up along the busy Commercial Street for hours just to catch a glimpse of the legendary mob boss.Among the crowd was a veritable who’s who of the Boston underworld. The Crowds stopped to watch his funeral cortege of Cadillac’s, Lincolns, Mercedes and Rolls Royce caring Angiulo’s widow and children drive slowly along busy Hanover Street, in the North End of Boston.

3 thoughts on “Gennaro “Jerry” Angiulo”

  1. I met Jerry while we were at the same place for a few years at Devens.. Used to love hearing him talk and carry on with the guards. we met his family while visiting and liked them instantly.. I often wondered and hoped he would be out before he passed.. God Bless Jerry…


  2. his daughter’s name was Thais,not Barbara. She died in the late ’60’s as a nursing student. She may have been murdered. I went to school with Thais and Jason in Winchester, MA. It was a private Catholic school, Marycliff Academy. It is no longer in existence.


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