Howard Winter

hwHoward Thomas Winter

Nickname: “Howie”

Born: March 17, 1929, West Roxbury of Boston

Ethnicity: Irish/Italian

Addresses: Charlestown, West Roxbury of Boston, Somerville, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Winter Hill Gang, Patriarca Crime Family


Mr. Howie Winter was born on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, by both Italian and Irish ancestry, was a real tough guy who, nonetheless, was known for being able to mediate problems among warring mob factions.Howie was also close friends with Marino’s  codefendant’s brother Joseph J.R. Russo, which gave him a very strong and influential hook within the New England mafia, needed in all aspects of the mob life.It was just by coincidence that he shared his name with the gang that he came to run in Somerville. Winter Hill was a geographical section of Somerville, Massachusetts which was on the boarder of Medford which comes into Broadway Somerville off of Main Street Medford. Founded by Marino’s father’s friend Buddy McLean, the  Winter Hill Gang derived its name from Winter Hill in the Boston suburb of Somerville, which Marino’s father grew up in.

It was taken over by Howie Winter a good friend of Marino’s father after McLean’s murder in 1966, during the Irish mob wars.The conflict pitted Irish American gangsters in South Boston, Charlestown and Somerville against one another in a bloody battle for control of the Irish Boston-area rackets, which Only consisted of Somerville, South Boston, Dorchester, and Charlestown sections the rest of the city and New England was exclusively controlled by the Sicilians and Italians, mostly of Naples, Calabria and Palermo, Corleone and Sciacca Sicily immigrants and there off springs.

When it came to fixing horse races at scores of Race Tracks through out the country, the Winter Hill Gang was the best at it.Led by Howie Winter, the gang fixed races at scores of tracks along the East Coast and elsewhere through out the country making millions upon millions of dollars while doing so.Cashing in on winning horses to bring home big bundles of cash.The horse racing scheme eventually brought in money to fuel other Irish mob operations and rackets.It would also bring down the nucleus of the controlling panel of the gang.

By 1979, Howie Winter and the rest of his Somerville gang were sent off to federal prison for a $40 plus million dollar scheme to fix races throughout New England and the country.This time, no-sweet-talking con artist could get them out of it,Not even the notorious Howie Winters.Winter also received ten years to serve in federal prison for forcing Somerville businessmen to remove pinball machines from their establishments and replace them with his machines which he and the Winter Hill Gang controlled.

CITIZEN SOMERVILLE: An Introduction To Howie Winter


{Buy on Amazon} Black Mass: The Irish Mob, The FBI and A Devil’s Deal
Citizen Somerville
{Buy on Amazon} Citizen Somerville: Growing up with the Winter Hill Gang

By the time he Winter’s was paroled, James “Whitey” Bulger and his partner: Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, had seized complete control of the Winter Hill Gang and its kingdom.Yet in classic mobster fashion, Winter refused to snitch on the two mob soldiers who had taken over his realm.
After Winter’s release from prison in 2002, Winter worked as a property manager and left the mobster life behind.In the 2000s, Winter sat down with Bobby Martini, the son of a friend, for a series of interviews that appeared in Martini’s book about the Irish mob wars, called: “Citizen Somerville: Growing up with the Winter Hill Gang.Howie Winter is one of the few most respected men left.


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