Kevin P. O’Neil

Kevin P. O’Neil

Nickname: Kevin “The Dead Body Carrier” O’Neil

Born: South Boston, Massachusetts

News: DEA.Gov

James “Whitey” Bulger’s money launderer & body carrier
Owner of: Triple O’s(aka) The Bucket of Blood Pub.

A master at making money, by investigating illegal proceeds into the Real Estate Market, Legitimate Businesses, & Master Money Laundered.

Kevin O’Neil was arrested with Kevin “Two Weeks” Weeks, known for flipping in two weeks. O’Neil hired two of Boston’s Power House lawyers & paid $500,000 for both to represent him even though he eventually PUBLICLY cooperated with State & Federal investigators concerning Bulger’s Greatest Hits & other violent adventures also as the PUBLIC RECORDS so supports.

O’Neil is now a free man, and was allowed to keep his millions of dollars generated from both legal & illegal criminals activities.

He may also be a prominent witness against Bulger at his soon to be June 2013 Federal Murder Trial, along with a laundry list of who’s who in the criminal organizations of both Italian & Irish mobs in Boston & New England.

Such as follows:

Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi;
John “The Butcher” Martorano;
Patrick Nee;
Kevin “Two Weeks” Weeks;
Frank “Cadillac Frank” Salemme;
Jimmy Martorano;
John Morris (FBI Agent);
John “The Zip” Connolly (Possible);

Among others. Triple O’s was the headquarters of the Winter Hill Gang , switched from Somerville to South Boston in the 1980s. Buddy Mclean was one of the founders of the Winter Hill Gang, and later on after his shotgun death, Howard Thomas Winter , and then James “Whitey” BulgerStephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi became the leaders through murders & use of the Boston FBI’s protection.

trip o

TRIPPLE O’S BAR 28 West Broadway South Boston Bulger, Flemmi & Weeks hangout, was a popular watering hole for the Irish elements whom loved to drink & fight. This place also received the nickname as “The Blood House of South Boston.”It also served food. Bulger & Flemmi also made important decisions of who to kill next or shake down next. Collecting unpaid debts from loan shark customers, collecting gambling debts etc.Brian Halloran brought a bookie named Louis Latif to a meeting with Bulger & Flemmi as thereafter his body was rapped in thick plastic out the back door & placed into his trunk of his car.Today, the Owl Station Bar and Bistro, is a upscale bar of gentrified Bostonians.Little is known about Mr. O’Neil, because of his low key status.

One thought on “Kevin P. O’Neil”

  1. Kevin O’Neil is now a shady real estate developer in South Boston who does sub par work and walks away from his home warranties by dissolving the LLC’s he sets up. Buyers be aware of JK Contractors!!!


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