Patrick Nee

neePatrick Nee

Born: 1943, Ros Muc, County Galway, Ireland

Address: South Boston

Affiliations: Irish Republican Army (IRA), Mullen Gang, Winter Hill Gang

Boston Gang War


Just a few years after his family immigrated to South Boston from Ireland, 14 year old Patrick Nee hooked up with the Mullen Gang and later led the group in its battle with another Southie gang, the Killeen’s, which Bulger was a member of.He served as a U.S. Marine, trained in the art of killing with a knife and firearm.Nee served in Vietnam, but he returned to gang life and helped guide the Mullins into  profitable alliance with Howie Winter of the Winter Hill Gang in Somerville.Nee was a player in the Irish gang wars, as well as being an organizer of a major gun-running-smuggling operation that shipped weapons from the United States to the Irish Republican Army (IRA).In 1972, Nee participated in a key meeting with Whitey Bulger, Howie Winter, Tommy King and others at Chandler’s Restaurant in the South End that attempted to end the violence.Nee served time in prison for weapons smuggling and an armored car robbery, which was inspirational in the Boston hit movie called “The Town” which Ben Affleck starred in.

David Boeri WCVB-TV Report On

Pat Nee From 2000

He returned to Boston and, with Richard Farrell and Michael Blythe, wrote “A Criminal and an Irishman: The inside Story of the Boston Mob-IRA Connection, published in 2006.

{Buy on Amazon} A Criminal and An Irishman: The Inside Story of the Boston Mob – IRA Connection

Patrick Nee maybe called as both a Government and possibly a defense witness in the infamous James “Whitey” Bulger murder trial NOW held in Boston, which currently the jury is being selected. Bulger is charged with committing in excess of 19 murders while working as a “TOP ECHELON FBI/Department of Justice Informant” Bulger was being protected by the Boston and Washington, D.C. Headquarters of the FBI and Department of Justice while he committed all 19 plus murders and in most instances while the FBI and United States Department of Justice knew and chose to turn the other way.

See Congressional Investigation titled: Everything Secret Degenerates: The FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants, H.R. Rep. No. 108-414 (Comm. Print 2004)

{Buy on Amazon} Deadly Alliance: The FBI’s Secret Partnership With the Mob

Additionally it is now proven that Bulger and Flemmi made cash payoffs from criminal profits to FBI agents: Buckley and Connolly in the Flemmi through the Flemmi to protect their criminal organization from its enemies (which the government stipulates was Marino and Ponzo among others) and from law enforcement instigations and indictments. FBI agent: Michael J. Buckley fraudulently testified under oath against Marino in front of the 1997 investigating federal grand jury concerning specifically the June 16, 1989 Salemme attempted murder, depicted as predicate racketeering act A-2 in Counts One” RICO and Count Two: RICO conspiracy. See United States v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NAG. (D.Mass).

Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Jefferey Auerhahn (now caught in corruption see Ferrara, 456 AUSA’S: __(1st AUSA’S); Ferrara , 384 F.Supp.2d 384 (D.Mass.2005).

See Marino v. Department of Justice , et al., civil action #12-co-865-RMC. (District of Columbia) PENDING;
Marino v. United States Attorneys Office District of Massachusetts, et al., civil action #12-co-872-RMC. (District of Columbia) PENDING also in support of supra.

{Buy on Amazon} Black Mass: The Irish Mob, The FBI and A Devil’s Deal

Flemmi has already admitted while testifying under oath in the  FBI agent Connolly trial in the State of Florida v. Connolly, (Miami, Florida Sept. 22, 2008) that he and Bulger made the cash payoffs to FBI agents: Buckley and Connolly, for them to protect their criminal organization.Also the First Circuit Court of appeals expressed and found that FBI agent Connolly was part of the Salemme, Flemmi and Bulger criminal organization from the Flemmi through his arrest in 2000. See United States v. Connolly, 341 AUSA’S 16-29 (1st Cir.2003) in support. All in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and PUBLIC RECORD.

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