Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi

 Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi
 Nickname: “The Rifleman”
 Addresses: 25 Ambrose Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts;832 East Third Street, South Boston, Massachusetts;799 East Third Street, South Boston, Massachusetts;
Born: June 9, 1934, Boston
 Association: Winter Hill Gang Boss and Patriarca Family
Flemmi was recruited as an FBI informant by FBI agent: Dennis Condon and H. Paul Rico in the 1970s.His marksmanship as an army sharpshooter and dead aim earned Flemmi the nickname “The Rifleman,” but when it came to mob assassinations and aim was dead on his target. As he has a hit list which in court he admitted to over 20 killings while being protected as a TOP ECHELON FBI informant, however the list could raise to close to 100.Flemmi was a United States Military trained assassin and an accomplished serial killer within both the Italian and Irish Mafia’s in the New England area.Although not the most prolific mob hit man, the five-foot, eight-inch 140 pounds of pure muscle had a reputation as a tough killer who would mow down anyone whom opposed him a threat in anyway, shape of form as the PUBLIC records so supports.


Even a trio of Irish brother if ever asked. Flemmi was 100% pure Italian blood, and spoke the language fluently as well as of coarse the English Language.The eldest of two brothers, he was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, the son of Italian immigrants Giovanni, a bricklayer with a strong back and thick powerful arms, and his homemaker wife, Mary Irene, a pleasant women with high standards.Like many immigrants, Flemmi’s father, a proud War veteran of the Royal Italian Army during World War I, whom was also well decorated for his valor, found a home for the family in Orchard Park, a series of three-story brick tenements on the fringe of South Boston a predominantly Irish conclave with understandably a Italian section whom clearly and concededly held their own, such as their counterparts within the North End, East Boston, Revere and Somerville.

 It was there, on the streets of Roxbury, where Flemmi met his lifelong friend Frank “Cadillac Frank” Salemme the very same  Salemme that Marino was charged with trying to assassinate in June 16, 1989, as Salemme came out of his brand new black BMW and entered a restaurant and then existed it the newspaper reports stated that he was hit with a fusillade of bullets fired from automatic high powered weapons.

Frank “Cadillac Frank” Salemme

Salemme was hit three times once in the chest, once in the leg and once in his stomach, as the shooters were firing a tractor Trailer pulled right in front of them preventing Salemme from being bullet riddled, and Salemme according to public accounts took off running bleeding from his wounds and ended up in the Papa Gino’s restaurant which he told the employees to call the police and the ambulance.Well over 100 FBI agents converged on the area with High and low altitude aircraft, helicopters, as well as 100 other law enforcement State and Local agencies. As the Federal, State and Local authorities also found that the New England Mafia’s underboss was found floating in the Connecticut River with a clean bullet in his neatly manicured hair.The government was bracing for an all out mob war which could include bombings and mass assassinations.The FBI was suspected in instigating and fomented violence namely supra. as the PUBLIC records so supports.FBI agents: Connolly, Buckley, Callen and Ring  along with Chief of the New England Organized Crime Strike Force: Diane Kottmyer, with their TOP ECHELON FBI informants: Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio, Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, Frank Imbruglia instigated and fomented violence. Specifically the June 16, 1989 Salemme attempted murder, and the June 1989 Grasso murder.

See United States v. Salemme, 91 F.Supp.2d pages 263 (Mercurio with the assistance of Bulger and Flemmi called Salemme to a location outside of Boston on June 16th, 1989 to be assassinated, while all three Mercurio, Flemmi and Bulger worked as TOP ECHELON FBI informants for NOW convicted of murder FBI agent: Connolly and BuckleyFBI agents: ,Ring , Callen and AUSA: Kottmyer.The two Flemmi and Salemme became known as the assassination twins. Between the both of them since the 1960s during the Irish Gang wars in Boston, they made a name for them selves killing the most people which the total killings were in excess of 65 murders. The two Salemme and Flemmi would later go into the loan-sharking business together and eventually become a hit man tag team for both the Italian and Irish Boston mobs.By the time Stephen was seventeen, however, he was looking for a way out of poverty plaguing the Boston neighborhood he called home. His escape came in the form of the Korean War, which Flemmi was a successful sniper.

As the United States Army enlistee at the age of seventeen, he saw his share of battles, which seasoned him for the tough streets of Boston.In fact, during two tours of duty with the 187th Infantry Regiment and a stint as a paratrooper and sniper, Flemmi showed such fearlessness that he was awarded both the Silver and Bronze Stars for bravery.He later joined the International Association of Airborne Veterans and was also named to be part of the Sniper Association, which organized tours that allowed him to parachute with foreign airborne forces at locations throughout the world.When Flemmi returned from Korea with a taste of blood in his system. he and his younger brother Vincent, known as “Jimmy The Bear’, hooked up with Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza, a Portuguese American hoodlum with ties to both the Italian and Irish mobs.Joseph Baron “The Animal” BarbozaIt was a tough balancing act for Barboza, but by the time  a gang war broke out between the two groups, he had The gangland war turned into a lucrative deal for the three unlikely pals: Salemme, Flemmi and Barboza, the three most  deadly serial killers in the New England History, all became contract sought after killers by both the Italian and Irish mobs.


Information on rivals:

rico framed
Former FBI agent H. Paul Rico

In 1965, Stephen Flemmi forged another alliance, again with an unlikely partner. FBI agents: H. Paul Rico and Dennis Condon was hoping to glean information about Boston’s gangland scene from the contract shooter, but it was Flemmi who got the better deal, by receiving inside FBI sensitive information, and information which prevented Flemmi’s State and Federal investigations and convictions for numerous serial acts of murder as now the PUBLIC records so supports.In exchange for providing tips to his FBI handler: Rico, Flemmi managed to get members of the rival Charles town mob arrested while providing protection to his friends in South Boston and Somerville now know as the Winter Hill Gang. Predominantly the Irish Mob which also consisted of Italian serial killers: Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi and John “The Butcher” Martorano, as an example just to name a few.Yet loyalty can be fleeting when it involves gangsters. Barboza found that out in 1967, when the mob left him cooling his heels in jail, where he was being held on $100,000 bail on a weapons charge.

Joseph Barboza
Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza

Under pressure by the FBI (FBI agents: Dennis Condon and H. Paul Rico, agent Connolly and Buckley’s mentors), agents to turn state’s evidence, Barboza resisted cooperating. Then he learned that two buddies who had been raising money to get him released had been rubbed out, their bodies found in the trunk of a car in South Boston. Convinced that he was next on the hit list, Barboza agreed to cooperate with FBI agents: Condon and Rico.Barboza’s decision bothered Flemmi. He was convinced that Barboza’s attorney, John Fitzgerald (later became the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge), had persuaded his client to become a witness against the mob.In retaliation, Flemmi  Salemme arranged to have a bomb planted under the hood of Fitzgerald’s car,and which Barboza had given him as payment towards legal fees.When the attorney turned the key to the car, the explosion that occurred shook the rafters and cracked the windows of homes within blocks of the blast.

Miraculously, Fitzgerald survived, but he lost a leg in the 1968 murder attempt. Later United States Attorney General Mitchell visited him at the hospital for moral support.When it became clear that Flemmi and Salemme were responsible for the bombing, Flemmi’s FBI handler, agent Rico , advised Flemmi to leave town.He did, taking with him his childhood friend Salemme and a two-bit hoodlum named Peter Poulos, a witness to the 1967 murder of one of the Benett brothers. Salemme bailed out of the trip in Los Angeles. fleeing to New York City, while Flemmi and Poulos headed to Las Vegas, Nevada. Only Flemmi arrived. Poulos’s bullet riddled body, with three .38 caliber slugs to the head, was found in 1969 in the desert outside Las Vegas, Nevada.The desert’s ground was not sift, Flemmi complained to Salemme, shortly after the Poulos murder, recounting an attempt to burry the results of his victim’s body.”What were you thinking, it’s the Sahara? This is Nevada. This isn’t North Africa,” Salemme replied, recounting that conversation before Congress’s House Government Reform Committee investigations into Organized Crime in New England in 2003. The results of that specific Congressional Investigations which Salemme became the star Congress’s highly credible witness was titled  “Everything Secret Degenerates The FBI and the United States Department of Justice’s Use of Murderers as informants” No one would ever be charges with Poulos’s murder. In fact, authorities claim their investigation was thwarted not by the mob but by the FBI , which was protecting Flemmi and his close pal James “Whitey” Bulger from potential numerous murder indictments.

Flemmi and Bulger

By 1972, things had quieted down in Boston. FBI agent Rico, still in touch with Flemmi while on the run for the Car bombing of Fitzgerald, called Flemmi in Montreal, Canada, where the mobster was hiding out, and urged him to return home.Everything would be forgotten, the FBI agent told his informant Flemmi. It was. When Flemmi returned to Boston, the charges against him in the car bombing case were dismissed.On the other hand Salemme, who worked the streets and ended up behind bars for the bombing was the escape goat for the FBI and their secret TOP ECHELON FBI informant Flemmi, whom doubled as an accomplished professional serial killer, with the protection of the FBI.Still, the hits didn’t stop. With the FBI‘s protection Flemmi, Bulger, Martorano, had a license to kill equal to James Bond.Sometimes Flemmi would do the killings, sometimes Salemme, Barboza and Bulger would do the killings, depending upon the mood they were in, sometimes all four would systematically kill together sort of a buddy system.

James “Whitey” Bulger

By the 1980s, they Bulger and Flemmi had become wary of the Italian Mafia and suspected that they were plotting to kill them both and that Flemmi and Bulger were very meticulous of meetings, and being a creature of habit. By the 1980s both Flemmi and Bulger killed more than 50 people.One of them was Flemmi’s girlfriend, a stunning blonde he met when she was just seventeen. Flemmi lavished Debra Davis with cars, clothes and jewelry, but by the time she was 26, she had fallen in love with another man and was looking for a way out of the relationship.In 1981, Flemmi lured Davis to a vacant South Boston home he had just purchased for his parents, where Bulger strangled her. Flemmi would later cut off her fingertips and pull out all her teeth to prevent her body from being identified.Four years later, in 1985, Flemmi and Bulger killed another Flemmi girlfriend, Deborah Hussey, who was also his stepdaughter, in the same fashion after luring her to the same East Third Street home in South Boston were she was also strangled by Bulger.The trio then buried her remains in the basement of a second home on the same street. The attractive twenty-six-year old brunette has been Flemmi’s girlfriend ever since he raped her when she was just a teenager.

But in the days before her murder, she had grown tired of the nearly fifty year old mobster and was on the verge of breaking up with him and telling her mother, Flemmi’s common law wife, about their relationship.Bulger’s protege Kevin “Two Weeks” Weeks, later known as, who helped dispose of Hussey’s body, later wrote about the murder in his 2006 book Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Onside Whitey Bulger’s Irish mob: “Stephen said he’d take care of the clothes and the teeth.He was all business, going about the task of removing, cleaning up and pulling teeth like a butcher dentist, Weeks’s recalled.”Even though he had a long term relationship with Debbie, this wasn’t bothering him in any way, more than it had bothered Jimmy Bulger. Flemmi was actually enjoying it, the way he always enjoyed a good murder.”

98 Prince St Boston MA Google Maps

“THE OFFICE” 98 Prince Street, Boston’s North End
Headquarters of the New England Mafia

Around the same time, Bulger and Flemmi were working as FBI informants, feeding investigators information about their dreaded Italian rivals, including giving up the floor plans to Gennaro Angiulo’s 98 Prince Street office.The floor plans would come in handy when the FBI planted listening devices in the Italian mob boss’s headquarters in 1986, leading to the arrest of Gennaro “Jerry” Angiulo and his brothers in an investigation that would take down Boston’s Italian faction.

By 1990, mob operations in Boston had been nearly  decimated, and the only people committing crime in New England was the State Police Informants, DEA informants, FBI informants, ATF informants, some committing serial acts of murder as well as other violent and very serious criminal activities as the PUBLIC RECORDS so supports.However some people in law enforcement began looking at other targets, and notably Flemmi. A Federal judge later ruled the pair Bulger and  Flemmi had been granted immunity from criminal prosecution from FBI agents: Connolly, Morris and in some cases: Jerry Sullivan for all crimes except murder, however since the United States Attorneys Office for the District of Massachusetts DID NOT grant Bulger and Flemmi immunity from prosecution concerning murders that Flemmi and Bulger committed even while working as TOP ECHELON FBI informants facilitated the following:Bulger is set to go on trial for in excess 19 murders which were facilitated while he was acting as an informant Flemmi pleaded guilty to participating in over 20 murders and was spared the death penalty for murdering numerous other FBI informants and others witnesses in exchange for his testimony against FBI agents: Connolly and H. Paul Rico concerning numerous murders that the FBI agents were involved with both directly and indirectly.In August 2001, A Federal Judge: Mark L. Wolff, sentenced Flemmi to ten years in prison for money laundering and extortion as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.
In a bid to escape the death penalty, Flemmi pleaded guilty in 2004 to ten murders and complicity in an other 10 murders, including killings in Florida and Oklahoma, in exchange for a life sentence. he also began cooperating with both Federal and State investigators now probing the FBI‘s handling of informants snd procuring his testimony against corrupted FBI agents: Buckley, Connolly , Morris, Ring, H. Paul Rico and Dennis Condon, Newton, etc…, for their roles in murders, taking cash payoffs and other egregious governmental misconduct as the PUBLIC records so supports.
Among the information he supplied were allegations that he and Bulger paid former FBI agent John “Zip” aka Cannoly Connolly and FBI agent: Michael J. Buckley over $200,000 in cash and gave other gifts to other FBI agents and police in exchange for their inside information against their enemies: Marino and Ponzo according to the government) and protection against law enforcement investigations.Sentenced to a life term with no chance for parole, Flemmi is no linger in a federal prison as of late 2001. His whereabouts are currently unknown. In 1995, Flemmi was facing federal charges for racketeering and extortion, allegations that he found absurd, given his factually supported claims that the FBI and Assistant United States Attorney: Jerry Sullivan had granted Flemmi and Bulger immunity (which is permission without being charged with federal and state criminal statutory violations of law) basically carte blanch to commit crime without the consequences, while they were working as informants.
images (1)
The court hearings that followed unearthed some of the Boston FBI‘s deepest secrets, including allegations that FBI agents had accepted payoffs and leaked sensitive information to Flemmi and Bulger to protect their informants. later the allegations were supported with independently corroborated documents that FBI agents: Buckley, Connolly, Newton, Gianturco, Morris etc., received cash payoffs from their FBI TOP ECHELON informants: Flemmi and Bulger to protect their criminal organization from their enemies (according to the government consisted of Marino and Ponzo see U.S. v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NMG (D.Mass.) and from law enforcement investigations and indictments.
  • See United States v. Connolly (FBI agent), 341 F.3d 16-29 (1st Cir.2003); State of Florida v. Connolly (FBI agent), #__Miami, Florida September 22, 2008 Flemmi’s testimony in support.
  • The court hearings that followed United States v. Salemme, 91 F.Supp.2d 261-311 (exhibits: 188-246) (D.Mass.1999) partially under seal, unearthed some of the Boston’s FBI‘s deepest secrets, including allegations that agents had accepted payoffs and leaked sensitive information to protect their prized informants: Mercurio, Bulger, Flemmi and Mark Rossetti.

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