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Vincent Michael Marino

Aliases: Vinnie “Gigi” Portalla

Born: May 11, 1961 in Boston, Massachusetts


Addresses: 50 Rose Street Revere,Massachusetts; 211 Faywood Avenue East Boston; 47 Frankfurt Street East Boston;65 Condor Street East Boston; 67 Clark Street North End of Boston; 8 Prince Street North End of Boston; 273 Feno Street Revere, Massachusetts; Intervalve Avenue Nahant, Massachusetts.

  • At six feet tall at 220 pounds, solid muscle, the former Defensive and Offense End, special teams starter of Revere High School, former King of the 1980 Revere High School Prom, Member of the Student Counsel Government; Home Room Representative, member of the Ski Club, Indoor Track 50 yard dash, 300 yard lunge, and relay team, four years of Football student athlete, well liked student.

Alleged: Associations: New England Mafia

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