Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI Agents:

John Connolly Jr explains the Bureau’s rationale in using TE’S (TOP ECHELON informants), it was only through the use of highly placed criminal informers that the FBI was able to penetrate the executive level of the Mafia.”The FBI, unlike state or local police departments, is responsible by statutory authority for protecting the internal security of the United States,” Connolly says.State and local law enforcement have no such statutory obligation from Congress. The FBI’s domestic investigative responsibilities include addressing the threat posed by the international criminal conspiracy known as the Mafia–which is another investigative responsibility state and local law enforcement do not have.”The Bureau’s operational strategy of maintaining TE’s to address the investigative mandate to bring down the Mafia was necessitated by statutory obligations the FBI was saddled with by Congress.” The proof is in the pudding. The fact is, it was due in large measure to the probable cause furnished by agent Connolly’s long-term TEs that allowed the Boston FBI office to degrade, destabilize and dismantle the New England Mafia in a series of highly publicized court-authorized wiretaps”.

 connollyHowever, FBI agent Connolly stepped over the line when he became so obsessed with taking down the dreaded New England Mafia, he became part of the Winter Hill Gang, systematically took cash payoffs from his TOP ECHELON FBI informants: James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi which came from criminal profits to protect their criminal organization from its enemies according to the government was (Vincent Marino and Enrico “Rico” Ponzo) and law enforcement investigations.


 When Agent Connolly took a position as head of security at Boston Edison. He resumed his involvement with the Winter Hill Gang, by monitoring numerous sitting federal grand juries, using his connections within the FBI, and his relationships with then current FBI agents: Edward Quinn, Michael J. Buckley, John Morris, James Ring, Nick Gianturco, Robert Callen, John “Agent Orange” Newton, etc. Although agent Buckley remained Connolly’s closest allied, whom handled Bulger and Flemmi when Connolly went out of town.Agent  Connolly and Buckley helped keep fugitive Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio on the lamb for several years even-though they possessed reliable information supporting Mercurio’s central role in the June 16th, 1989 Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme attempted murder and the June 1989 Grasso murder.

  • *Assistant United States Attorney: Jeffrey Auerhahn was armed with this information when he fraudulently indicted Marino for the June 16th, 1989 Salemme attempted murder in front of the investigating 1997 federal grand jury sitting in Boston concerning specifically the June 16th, 1989 Salemme attempted murder, knowing that three TOP ECHELON FBI informants: Mercurio, Bulger and Flemmi set-up the hit while all three worked as TOP ECHELON FBI informants for FBI agents: Connolly and Buckley.
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The FBI claims that after a 16 year manhunt it finally got wind of Bulger’s whereabouts after disseminating a 30-second public-service ad focused on his female companion, the elegant Greig, a former dental hygienist who was known to frequent beauty and nail salons.Aired primarily during women’s TV shows such  as Ellen, The View and Dr. Oz, the ad produced more than 200 calls.According to inside sources, a young deputy Marshal zeroed in on the lead that ultimately led agents to Bulger–a mere two days after the ads started to air.The tip supposedly came from Miss Iceland 1974, Anna Bjornsdottir, still stunning at 58,  a former B-Movie star living in Southern California. Bjornsdottir recognized Grieg, whom she had befriended over a stray cat the ladies encountered in the streets of Santa Monica.I guess some would say Grieg cost Bulger his freedom and earned Bjornsdottir a $2 million reward.But in the highest realms of the Department of Justice, and for students of the Bulger saga every-where, the capture is not the end of the story but a new beginning.

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The gangster  is a man of many secrets. He holds information that if exposed would send shock waves through the hallowed halls of the United States Department of Justice.Here is Bulger’s opportunity to end all the lies and tell the World what he knows about the egregious governmental misconduct within the United States Department of Justice components.There is one man who stands to gain the most by having the truth emerge. That man may be a former special agent John Connolly, Bulger’s FBI handler.A long time ago Connolly was a highly decorated agent. Now he has been in prison almost as long as Bulger was on the run.
FBI agent Connolly was headed to the yard for a workout at a federal prison in North Carolina when he heard about Bulger’s take down.All through his workout, the news of the arrest played in Connolly’s mind. When he finished his exercises and returned to the housing unit for the evening count, Bulger’s capture was all over the airwaves.Connolly’s side of perhaps the biggest law enforcement scandal of our time has never been fully told.


FBI agents: John J. Connolly Jr., and Michael J. Buckley received cash payoffs from TOP ECHELON FBI informants: James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, which the cash came from criminal profits from 1980s through the 1990s, according to the PUBLIC RECORDS generated from the government’s deemed highly credible star witness: Flemmi testimony on September 22, 2008, in front of a Florida Jury trial.Bulger is slated for trial in Boston, Massachusetts this year which he intended to take the federal witness stand in his defense, which he may also contend and expose egregious governmental misconduct concerning current and former FBI agents, Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police and DEA Agents, ATF Agents and other  United States Department of Justice components.

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    1. In the article above posted by (Janet Brown) MAKES CLAIMS THAT WE AT PROJECT MARINO DID NOT INVESTIGATE thus do not endorse.BUT that someone WANTS TO BE HEARD, Thus, we are posting it for informational purposes only until some can approve or disapprove it, according to the First Amendments’ Freedom of Speech, thoughts, press, religion for Public Discussion.

      One thing is that PROJECT MARINO can confirm is that Lt. Colonel Richard O. Donovan, did in fact make efforts to investigate the FBI’s corrupt relationship with James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, while PUBLICLY KNOWN Bulger and Flemmi worked as “FBI/Dep’t of Justice’s TOP ECHELON Informant Program” were committing serial acts of murder, and FBI agents: Buckley, Connolly, Callen, Newton, Gianturco, Todd Richards, are suspected in protecting Bulger, Flemmi, Mercurio, Mark Rossetti from criminal prosecutions while they worked as TOP ECHELON FBI/Dep’t of Justice informants.The above information is PUBLICLY KNOWN.


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