Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue



Public Assassination : Outlaw Empires


Brian Halloran
  • Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant, 140 Northern Avenue, South Boston.

Brian Halloran a low-level thug, with a big mouth was destined for death.He was also known as “Balloonehead” by Bulger and Flemmi. He frequented Triple O’s bar in 1980 when Louis Latif was killed.What caused Halloran’s demise was what he told the Boston FBI agents that Bulger and Flemmi requested that he kill Callahan for them and he refused to do it.FBI agents told other FBI agents: Buckley and Connolly that their prized informants: Bulger and Flemmi were being implicated in murder and conspiracy to murder charges by Halloran.Halloran implicated Bulger and Flemmi in the Wheeler and Latif murders.Halloran was first asked by Bulger and Flemmi to kill Wheeler in 1981, refused.Halloran thereafter was in fear for his life for refusing and went to the FBI and offered to be a witness against  Bulger and Flemmi concerning that and other murders. The FBI in turn alerted Bulger and Flemmi whom was secretly acting as TOP ECHELON FBI informants themselves acted on the tip from  FBI agents:  Connolly  and Morris.

Callahan was also telling the FBI about the Wheeler and Latif murders and also fingered Bulger and Flemmi on the killings.FBI agent Connolly made dramatic moves to discredit Halloran, which prompted other FBI agents to deny Halloran in the Federal Witness Protection Program and cost Halloran his life.Within weeks Halloran was dead, cut down in in hale of bullets from automatic weapons in a restaurant parking lot a rock throw away from the New John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse on Northern Avenue South Boston.

Michael Donahue

On May 11, 1982, Halloran’s pal Michael Donahue, had also died in that ambush, a son of a Boston Police Detective was a the wrong place at the wrong time completely innocent, just giving Halloran a a ride home.With Halloran’s dying breath he identified his killer as James Flynn, a Bulger trigger man.However other accounts identified Bulger under the afro wig and mustache. Flynn was later tried and acquitted of the murder.18 years later, another killer informant: Kevin “Two Weeks” Weeks identified Bulger as the trigger man in the Halloran and Donohue killings.

In a multi-million dollar lawsuit Halloran’s and Donohue’s families would file it against the FBI and the United States Department of Justice ,from protecting Bulger and Flemmi as FBI informants. knowing they were actually killing innocent people while a TOP ECHELON FBI informant and committing other egregious crimes.

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