Edward “Teddy” Deegan




Edward “Teddy” Deegan was a Longshoreman and former professional boxer and small time hood, would not have been featured in this or any other profile if it was not for the scandal that happened after he was murdered.

Peter Limone, Joseph Salvatti, Louis Greco and Henry Tamileo were all innocent of killing Deegan, and the FBI knew it and did nothing about it, except of intentionally covering up the documents which proves their innocence as the PUBLIC RECORDS SO SUPPORTS.



Peter Limone served 33 years for a murder he did not commit.

Joseph Salvatti served 30 years for a murder he did not commit.

Louis Greco, who died in prison for a murder he DID NOT commit.

Henry Tamileo, who died in prison for a murder he DID NOT commit.

On March 12, 1965, Deegan’s body was found shot five times in the back of the head in an alleyway in Chelsea, a working class area outside of Boston. The 35 year old with a long criminal history was also suspect in a $40,000 holdup of a local mob connected bookie was lured there on the pretext of participating in a lucrative burglary.FBI agents: H. Paul Rico and Dennis Condon, were the engineers who coached their witness: Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza to commit perjury on the witness stand which allowed Limone, Tamileo, Greco and Salvatti to be imprisoned as innocent men in the Deegan murder.The actual killers were later found out to be the government’s star witness: Barboza, (later became a FBI informant) Vincent “Jimmy the Bear” Flemmi ( FBI informant) , and others.


barbozza court

The FBI did nothing to warn Deegan he was a target for assassination as the FBI heard on its bug from Raymond Patriarca Sr‘s Office, that two FBI informants: Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza and Jimmy The Bear Flemmi was interested in killing Deegan.  Vincent “Jimmy the Bear” Flemmi was heard on the audio tapes complaining about Deegan’s behavior at a Revere nightclub;  Flemmi told Patriarca he wanted Deegan taken out and was granted a green light to do it. .Two days after the FBI intercepted the communications that Deegan was targeted for assassination, Deegan was shot dead. Deegan’s murder went unsolved officially until 1967, when Joseph Baron “The Animal” Barboza was convinced to be a witness by corrupted FBI agents: Dennis Condon and H. Paul Rico against Patriarca and others.

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Barboza confessed to the Deegan murder but named Joseph Salvati, Peter Limone, Louis Greco and Henry Tameleo as accomplices. The FBI did nothing as the four were convicted and sentenced to life in prison, knowing that all four men Salvati, Limone, Greco and Tameleo were all innocent of the Deegan murder, and was in possession of the tape that proved it, which actually implicated Barboza and Jimmy The Bear Flemmi of murdering Deegan. Tameleo, 84 years old and Greco, 77 years old died in prison innocent men. Vincent Flemmi died in 1979.In the late 1990s the complicated relationship among the FBI, the Flemmi brothers, Barboza, was revealed that proven that Barboza intentionally committed perjury and falsely implicated the four men with the coaching of corrupted  FBI agents: Condon and H. Paul Rico, which led to the exoneration of Limone and Salvati both in their late sixties.

Apparently it was far more important to protect FBI informants than the lives of innocent men and their innocent families, Medford lawyer Victor J. Garo, who represented Salvati later told reporters.While the Boston and Washington D.C. FBI took the attitude that the convicted foursome were guilty of something, convicting them for a crime they did not commit does not meet the standards of American Justice under a suppose democratic civilized society.Limone, Salvatti and the Estate’s of Greco and Tameleo received a Jury Trial settlement of $101,750,000 for the FBI’s complicity and fraudulently convicting them. See Limone v. United States , 479 F.Supp.2d 143 (District of Massachusetts/Boston 2007) in support. Affirmed by the United States Court of Appeals For The First Circuit.

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The the same  FBI agents Dennis Condon and  H. Paul Rico and their mentors: John J. Connolly Jr., and Michael J. Buckley, Robert Callen, John “Agent Orange”Newton, James Ring, John Morris were part of the Vincent M. Marino case, and applied their trade of corruption and witness tampering and manipulations against Marino using Assistant United States Attorneys: Jeffrey Auerhahn and Cynthia Ann Young to do their bidding.Years later  FBI agent: Connolly was indicted and convicted of murder and sentenced to serve 40 years in State prison after his conviction for Racketeering in United States District Court District of Massachusetts/Boston ten year sentence; FBI agent: Buckley is currently forced into retirement because of the corruption and under investigation for murder as he was a admitted partner of convicted murderer FBI agent Connolly. FBI agent: Callen was fired for choking out a federal prosecutor; Agent Morris received immunity and admitted to taking cash payoffs from Bulger and Flemmi,Newton was fired for taking cash payoffs from Bulger and Flemmi, Agent Ring retired in the middle of the corruption to avoid detection and Assistant United States Attorney: Diane Kottmyer then Chief of the New England Organized Crime Strike Force and now a rewarded Suffolk Superior Court judge. Kottmyer on record allowed Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio to flee after Mercurio while an TOP ECHELON FBI informant set-up the June 16, 1989 Francis P. Salemme attempted murder and the June 1989 William “The Wild Guy” Grasso murder.

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