Robert Fitzpatrick

robert fitzpatrickRobert Fitzpatrick

Date of Birth:n/a

Nickname: Exposure of FBI corruption

Address: Federal Bureau of Investigation
State Street, Boston, Massachusetts

Affiliations:  FBI (World Wide)


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Robert Fitzpatrick, can be credited with trying to expose the corruption within the Boston and Washington, D.C. office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, specifically the handling of three FBI TOP ECHELON informants:

220px-Whitey_Bulger_US_Marshals_Service_Mug1(1) FBI informant: James “Whitey” Bulger, Boston Irish Mob Chief and brother of the former United States Senate President William Bulger and Magistrate Judge, Jackie Bulger.

images(2) FBI informant: Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, admitted being a TOP ECHELON FBI informant and killing over 20 people while being protected by Boston and Washington, D.C. FBI and the United States Department of Justice Executive Branch of the United States Government, Flemmi now in custody in the Federal Witness protection Program and also now deemed the government’s star and highly credible witness against FBI agent: John J. Connolly Jr., now convicted of murder via: State of Florida v. Connolly, #___(Miami, Florida September 22, 2008 Flemmi’s testimony that he and Bulger made cash payoffs to FBI agents: Michael J. Buckley and John J. Connolly Jr., with criminal profits from the 1980s through the 1990s to protect their criminal organization from its enemies: (according to the government consisted of  ( Vincent Marino and Enrico Ponzo, et al) and from law enforcement investigations and indictments, also according to PUBLIC records. See United States v. Connolly, ( FBI agent), 341 F.3d 16-29 (1st Cir.2003);United States v.Salemme , 261-311 (exhibits: 188-246) (D.Mass.1999);

sonny mecurio(3) FBI informant: Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio, whom set-up the June 1989 William “The Wild Guy” Grasso murder and the June 16, 1989 Francis P. Salemme attempted murder while working as a TOP ECHELON FBI informant whom handlers consisted of Connolly, Buckley , Callen, Ring and Assistant United States Attorney: Diane Kottmyer former Chief of the New England Organized Crime Strike Force and now a rewarded Suffolk Superior Court State Judge Boston, Massachusetts, the records supports that Connolly, Ring, Buckley, Callen, and Assistant United States Attorney : Kottmyer allowed Mercurio to flee after they knew that Mercurio set-up Salemme to be shot on June 16, 1989, and helped planned the June 1989 Grasso murder.

jaAssistant United States Attorney’s: Auerhahn and Young who prosecuted the June 16, 1989 Salemme attempted murder also gave Mercurio a free pass on the Salemme attempted murder and in the same breath allowed Mercurio to receive a substantial downward departure for two very serious violent crimes: Murder and Attempted Murder. Auerhahn and Young also gave Bulger and Flemmi a free pass on the Salemme attempted murder even though they assisted Mercurio in calling Salemme to a specific location on June 16, 1989 to be shot. See Salemme, 91 F.Supp.2d page 263 (D.Mass.1999), in support.

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See Also the very important book called: “Betrayal” by Former Second In Charge of the New England FBI (ASAC) Robert Fitzpatrick with Jon Land.This book is a must read, it is a book that the FBI would not want you to read, as it exposes egregious gross governmental corruption at the highest level within the FBI ‘s Headquarters designed to protect FBI TOP ECHELON informants: Bulger, Flemmi and Mercurio’s murderous actions.


boson-mob-capo-rossettiMoreover, these TOP ECHELON FBI informants which includes recently PUBLICLY exposed Mark Rossetti, who is suspected in 6-20 murders while working as a FBI informant for FBI agent: Buckley (who helped prosecute Marino)


It should be noted that in order for a criminal to become a TOP ECHELON FBI informant they must first fit the following criteria’s:

(1) Be an accomplished professional serial killer;

(2) Be a high ranking member of a prominent criminal organization;

(3) Leek highly sensitive information to the FBI concerning their criminal organization’s activities.

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