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United States Department of Justice’s Executive Office of the United States Attorneys (EOUSA’S) Suite 7300, Bicentennial Building 600 E. Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20530 Letter dated November 20, 2012, by Susan B. Gerson, Assistant Director


States as follows:

Marino’s  FOIA/PA Request #’s: 11-2085, 11-2968, 11-2969, 11-3089

Requester: Vincent Michael Marino


Dear Mr. Marino: We are currently searching for documents responsive to your FOIA/PA request, and we have reached the two hours of search time provided to you at no charge. Department of Justice Regulations, specifically 28 CFR 16.11(i), provide that our office may collect an advance payment BEFORE WE CONTINUE PROCESSING YOUR REQUEST IF WE ESTIMATE FEES WILL EXCEED $250.00.

We estimate that an additional 320 hours will be required to complete the search for the records you requested. Our normal fee for search time is $28 per hour, thus resulting in a fee for search time of $8,960.00.

The District of Massachusetts (U.S. Attorney’s Office), has informed us that they have 35 BOXES OF DOCUMENTS THAT ARE POTENTIALLY RESPONSIVE TO YOUR REQUEST.

Normally a box contains 2000 to 4000 pages of records. We do nor know at this time, prior to a complete search, how many responsive pages would be found. Although not all of these pages are likely to be released to you, you should note that we charge $0.10 per page for duplication of documents that are released to you after the first 100 pages, which are free.

  • Additionally, the District of Massachusetts informed us that they have approximately 72,000 ELECTRONIC FILES that may contain responsive records.

Assuming that one file can be searched every 15 seconds, this equals an estimate of 300 hours of search time. This, coupled with the District of Massachusetts estimate of at least 20 hours to search through the 35 BOXES, equals an overall estimate of at least 320 hours of search time.Accordingly, an advance payment of $8,960.00 in the form of a check or money order, payable to the Treasury of the United States, must be received by this office before we will continue processing your request. Please indicate on the face of the check the above request numbers and mail it to the above address.

If you wish to reduce your fees, you may reformulate your request by limiting the documents to a specific category or categories. Or, if you specify that you will only pay up to a certain amount, we will process your case up to that amount. Finally, keeping in mind that the first two hours were free, you may direct that we terminate your search.Per 28 CFR 16.11(i), your request is not considered received until we receive a response from you. Please respond within 30 days of the date of this letter, or this matter will be closed. Please use the attached form to indicate your wishes.


Susan B. Gerson
Assistant Director
Executive Office of the United States Attorneys
Department of Justice
Suite 7300
Bicentennial Building
600 E. Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Telephone #202-252-6020
FAX #202-252-6047
Dated November 20, 2012.

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