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boston_massachusetts_FULL.500x500Boston – Worcester 1997, 1998 and 1999 Rico Trials

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Vincent Marino along with 14 men were charged in an 87-page 40-count indictment on April 4, 1997 with allegedly trying to seize control of the Patriarca Family between 1989 and 1994. All 14 were indicted  and were charged except Enrico “RICO”Ponzo who was on the lam for 17 years, apprehended February of 2011.During the three-month long trial, jurors heard testimony from 120 witnesses and saw over 300 exhibits. After nearly two weeks of deliberations .The 15 men were allegedly attempting to oust Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme, and attempting to murder others loyal to Salemme.

  • The 15 alleged “renegade faction” members attempted to kill:( Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme, Richard Gillis, Joseph C. Cirame, Michael P. Prochilo, Stephen Rossetti, Timothy Larry O’Toole, and Matteo Trotto)In addition to allegedly trying to kill the 7 men above they were also accused of allegedly  trying to murder:(Mark Rossetti, Ralph Rossetti, Richard Floramo, Mark Prochilo, Robert Paleo, Robert Luisi, Jr., Lonnie Hilson and (Enrico M. Ponzo).

In the second Rico trial Marino ,Carozza and Patti were the only ones left. At the end of the second Rico trial Marino was the last man standing and requests a “evidentiary hearing” concerning the Due Process Violations, Egregious historic and current governmental misconduct and on going governmental cover-ups:

The baseline rule is that a criminal defendant has no absolute or presumptive right to insist that a Federal district court take testimony on every motion. Accordingly, when considering the question of whether an “evidentiary hearing” should be granted in connection with a Due Process violations and historic and current egregious governmental misconduct, a district court should facilitate a “an evidentiary hearing” to determine whether the defendant Marino has made a threshold showing sufficient to warrant such a hearing. In pursuing this inquiry, the court must make a practical, commonsense evaluation.

Boston – Worcester 1997, 1998 and 1999 Rico Trials:

 Anthony Ciampi

Paul A. DeCologero

Anthony Allan Diaz

Pled Sentenced 13 years custody and 3 years supervised release.plead guilty in the murder of Paul Struzella. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

1534Vincent Michael Marino

Marino was named in counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 30, and 31.

District of Massachusetts

Guilty of counts 1, 2, 3  12- 22- 99 35 Years

Worcester and Boston, in support.Marino, charged with trying to kill the Boss of the New England Italian Mafia in 1989 and conspiracy to murder 14 others in an alleged conspiracy from 1989 through 1994 and unlawfully held over 16 years according to Marino v. Department of Justice , et al., civil action #12-cv-865-RMC. (District of Columbia Washington 2012);Also see Marino’s Sentencing Transcripts dated April 13, 2000, pages 1, 20-24, showing that Marino received an 8 Offense Level enhancement for the Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme attempted murder even-though the JURY MARKED NOT PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT in Counts 1 and1 concerning predicate racketeering act A-2 (Salemme Attempt).

  • Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Jefferey Auerhahn (now caught in corruption see Ferrara, 456 AUSA’S: __(1st AUSA’S); Ferrara, 384 F.Supp.2d 384 (D.Mass.2005).

little-rico-ponzoEnrico “RICO”Ponzo

Caught after 17 years on the run in 2011.Trial Starts October 7th, 2013 One Courthouse Way Boston,Massachusetts.

Christopher Puopolo: Aquitted of all charges

Eugene A  “Gino” rida Jr

Pled guilty count 19  11-01-99 Sentenced to 10 years Part of the plot involved the shooting of drug dealer Matteo Trotto Oct. 31, 1994, in Worcester

 Micheal P.Romano Sr

Pled 11-03-99 sentenced 21 years custody and supervised release Romano, Charged with killing Joseph Souzaa a SalemmeBulger and Flemmi trigger man and suspected  in the killing of Massachusetts State Police Detective Carbinaire in 1994 (Son killed by FBI informant Mark Rossetti, now Romano is  currently suing the United States Department of Justice and the FBI for it See $50 million dollar lawsuit Romano v. Department of Justice, FBI

Ralph Nazzaro  Scarpa

Pled 11-01-99 Sentenced to 10 years and 3 years supervised release Nazzaro Ralph Scarpa, Ciampi and Cote were charged with being accessories after the fact in Souza’s murder.

John M. Arciero

( PUBLICLY KNOWN government witness)Plead guilty to counts1,  2,  3,  4,  14, 15,  16,  17 , 30 ,  31 and 32

Leo M. ‘Chipper’ Boffoli

(Gov Informant)Plead guilty to counts 19 and 37“Chipper” Boffoli was called to testify against “Gino” Rida, Jr. Boffoli also said Rida told him they were going to avenge the murder of Michael P. Romano, Jr. who was Rida’s cousin. For his cooperation and testimony Boffoli received a three-year sentence.

Internal Conflict:



  • Francis P. Salemme Sr.was wounded in the chest and leg on route one Saugus Ma ,by gunmen blasting away from a car that pulled up from behind. June 5, 1989.

sonny mecurioThe Feds knew 11 days before the Salemme Attempted Assassination that would take place on June 16, 1989.
The FBI was Informed by there informant
Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio.


  • Vincent M. Marino Shot lower back  by John Bacigalupo at the Caravan Club Revere Massachusetts on November 24, 1996.Then Marino was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital, Marino was been implanted with an “a microchip tracking device” and law enforcement (Drug Enforcement Agency/Federal Bureau Investigation) had been tracing Plaintiff since on or about November 25, 1996.Marino always contended that the defendants/agencies/government implanted him with numerous electronic (GPS) devices in his brain and body on November 24, 1996 while Marino was under general anesthesia for a “ruse” laparoscopic exploratory surgery and bullet removal at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts WITHOUT MARINO’s valid consent and WITHOUT A VALID COURT WARRANT. Marino presents independently corroborated irrefutable medical, technological, court, documentations which supports his claims, however his proof was either concealed, impeded, of propagandized from reaching the general public, by the culpable defendants cited in Marino v. CIA, et al., civil action #11-cv-813-RMC. (Washington, D.C.2011) which is NOW pending in the District of Columbia United States District Court.


  • Charles J. McConnel  Wounded in the back and arm, He was met by police whom he directed back to the Caravan Club to attend to Marino. Shot by John Bacigalupo ,at the Caravan Club in Revere Massachusetts.
  • Joseph Cirame Wounded
  • Frank Imprescia A local Paralegal wounded in October at the Law office of Attorney Leonard Pass.
  • Richard Gillis Killed on March-31-1994 a Salemme associate was killed on Bennington Street in East Boston by Spisak and Ciampi. When Police arrived they found Richard Devlin slumped down behind the wheel of a 1994 Buick Skylark.
  • Robert Nogueira Killed by John Bacigalupo he was shot ten times in the parking lot of a Comfort Inn hotel in Saugus Massachusetts, where he was staying. He was killed instantly.
  •  Matteo Trotto Wounded  Oct. 31, 1994, in Worcester Massachusetts.

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  1. I remember when all this was happening, it was called by the people of East Boston , the actions of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight


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