Frank Pizzarella

Frank Pizzarella, one of the government’s PUBLICLY KNOWN witnesses against Vincent M. Marino in the 1998 and 1999 JURY TRIAL, Pizzarella was caught red handed importing tons of Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin and Weapons from South America to the United States. Moreover Frank Pizzarella was Money Laundering for Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme, Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi and James “Whitey” Bulger , and was worth over $100 million dollars.

Mr. Pizzarella was also caught buying 17 Russian Mig Fighter Jet equipped with live missiles from former Russian KGB Agents, whom some were working with the Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Pizzarella spend only two weeks in Federal Prison, in exchange for his testimony against Vincent M. Marino. Pizzarella received a Federal Grant of Immunity from prosecution, still possessed a Legal Firearms Permit, Automatic Weapons Permit,even though he was arrested for violence, gun charges, RAPE, Assaults, etc., as the PUBLIC RECORDS so Supports.As of this writing Mr. Pizzarella was thereafter found dead in his apartment from an apparent CIA heart attack, whom the CIA made sure that his body was cremated thereafter. Precluding any logical biopsy forensic discoveries, proving any reasonably foreseeable egregious governmental misconduct, as the PUBLIC RECORDS SO SUPPORTS.

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