Jerry Matricia

Governmental misconduct and witnesses perjury:

Government’s star witness: Jerry Matricia admitted to the government that he use to read the obituaries to find people morning their loved ones and then rob their homes while they were at the Wakes and Funerals.Judge: Nathaniel M. Gorton, disallowed the Federal Jury to hear this and barred the Defense Attorneys from bringing this issue up in front of a jury trial and prevented the defense from questioning Matricia on the matter, as well the Good Judge: Gorton, also disallowed the evidence that another government witness: Mark Spisak, whom admitted to raping and beating Janet Costello in East Boston, while she was pregnant, the jury WAS NOT ALLOWED TO HEAR THIS EVIDENCE as Judge: Gorton, barred this exculpatory material Brady, Giles,and Giglio evidence from Marino’s JURY TRIAL.

Government witness Jerry Matricia (PUBLICLY KNOWN WITNESS), testified that codefendants Ciampi and Romano had a meeting with Robert Luisi Jr., and Stephen Rossetti, in Central Square East Boston, at Kelly’s Pub, keep in mind that Matricia WAS NOT PRESENT at this alleged meeting and did not see anybody and did note hear anyone speak. This alleged meeting was not on video or audio tape and was not under any electronic of physical surveillance.Matricia sworn under oath statements were as follows: Romano and Ciampi told Matricia of what: Luisi and Rossetti told them “That they sere not there to kill Ciampi but were there to Kill Marino, for the 1989, assassination attempt of Salemme, that Marino was accused of trying to kill Salemme.

Now this is triple hearsay that Matricia testified to:

(1) What Luisi stated to Romano and Ciampi;

(2) What Romano and Ciampi heard Luisi said;

(3) What Rossetti stated to Romano and Ciampi;

(4) What Romano and Ciampi heard what Rossetti said;

(5) What Romano and Ciampi stated to Matricia about what Rossetti and Luisi stated to Romano and Ciampi.

See Trial Transcript (Testimony of Jerry Matricia) DAY 12, pages: 41, 42, 44, 45, 48, 50, 56, 57, 59, 60-64.

  Matricia also stated on PUBLIC RECORD that he was at the time consuming large quantities of Cocaine and drinking alcohol at the time when he sprinted from his imaginary attackers whom he thought he seen while in his apartment in East Boston.Matricia called his favorite lawyer as he told the Boston Police detectives that Marino Incorporated assassinated Richard Devlin a notorious suspect and charged with killing the Boston Strangler inmate: Albert Disalvo, while in prison with a knife incorporating over 127 knife puncture wounds, Devlin was acquitted at trial, but was then serving time for sawing the head, leg and both arms off a body and left the knife buried in the torso’s chest while flouting in the Boston harbor he received a 10 year manslaughter conviction for.

The government’s story was that Devlin was hired by Salemme, Bulger and Flemmi to assassinate Marino, for the attempted murder of Salemme. Devlin was found dressed as a women wearing fire engine red lipstick a blond wig, a bullet proof vest, with a machine gun and his favorite weapon a razor sharp serrated knife used to behead and dismember human body parts within seconds as his Modus Operandi (“MO”).Thereafter the government stated that Devlin was sitting in a vehicle with two other masked men when someone from some where opened fire shooting Devlin in the head, shooting the other masked man Gillis in the face shooting out his teeth and wound another unidentified escaped victim.

However when Police arrived on the scene they only encounter the Drag Queen appearance of the infamous Devlin, so they followed the blood trail to a nearby donut shop where they encountered Richard Gillis.Once brought back to the vehicle the Boston Police Homicide Detective asked Gillis was he in the car that they found with Richard Devlin still slumped over with a bullet wound to his forehead. Gillis replied no I was not in that vehicle. The Boston police Homicide detective then stated why are your teeth in the back seat of the car and arrested Gillis for probation violations being in the company of a known felon or dead felon, which violated his terms of probation not to be in the company of known felons.Gillis’s defense at his Court hearing was the specific terms of his release was that he could no longer be in the company of Live Known Felons the contract on his probation Report which he signed DID NOT STATE KNOWN DEAD FELONS a loophole that allowed Gillis to be released. Now the new probation contract states he cannot be in the accompany of live and dead felons which would violate his terms of probation.

For the record Matricia falsely accused Marino of the Devlin killing, Strazulla killing, the Souza killing to five  Boston Police Homicide detectives, and later while under oath stated he never stated that to anyone, when Marino’s lawyer possessed the POLICE REPORT, showing he did.After Jerry Matricia was coached by FBI agent: Buckley he dramatically changed his story to fit the government’s case. FBI agent: Buckley received cash payoffs from Bulger and Flemmi in the 1980s through the 1990s to protect their criminal organization from its enemies (Marino and Ponzo) and law enforcement according to Flemmi’s Sept. 22, 2008 testimony.

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