John “Smiley” Mele

Nickname: “Smiley”


Tewksbury, Massachusetts, East Boston

Ethnicity: Italian

News:  See Mele

Trial Transcript DAY 5, page 98 (lines 17-19)Massachusetts State Police Trooper denied as witness for Marino . He would have stated that government witness Mele told him that the Bullet Proof Vests, Machine Guns, Shot guns, high powered rifle’s, were tools of the trade to rob drug dealers which Mele stated that he and his friends did while also selling drugs.This Mele denied while on the witness stand against Marino, even though a State Police Report independently corroborated Mele’s statements to the Massachusetts State Police, after the Massachusetts State Police found numerous fire arms in his Chelsea Apartment.Vincent Marino submitted a Preliminary Injunction against FBI agents: Romanzo, and Ackerman for tampering with Marino’s Defense Witness: Joseph Cirame, under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 65 and 26(c). The Court Judge: Nathaniel M. Gorton ignored these Motions.The Court told the jury that each defendant whose case is before them are separate.

Trial Transcript DAY 5, Page 109 (lines 4-5). Mele testified against Marino,” stating Marino shot Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme on June 16, 1989″, leaving out the facts that Mele and Augustus “Gus” Laface were actively trying to kill Salemme Sr and Salemme Jr. in 1989. The above Four tapes were INTENTIONALLY concealed by the government and its witness Mele from the investigating federal grand jury in 1997 , 1998 and 1999 RICO trials jurors and from Judge: Nathaniel M. Gorton and Vincent M. Marino .

TRIAL DAY 21 page: 105: Court blocks disclosure of critical audio tapes that ties government witness John “Smiley” Mele to the conspiracy to murder Salemme with AK-47 Machine Guns equipped with Silencers, which Mele and Laface is being secretly audio taped by two undisclosed FBI informants controlled by FBI agents: Connolly (serving 40 years for murder), Callen (fired for choking out a Women Federal prosecutor), Buckley (under investigation for taking cash payoffs from Bulger and Flemmi in the 1980s through the 1990s, according to government’s star highly credible witness Flemmi’s Sept. 22, 2008′s testimony in State of Florida v. John J. Connolly Jr. (FBI agent) Miami Florida State Trial), and FBI agent Vincent DelaMontaigne.

  • Mele wire generated in October to December 1996, in which Mele asked Marino about the Salemme attempted murder in June 16, 1989 in which Marino denies his involvement on DEA tapes.On May 6th, 2011, Marino filed a Notice of Appeal concerning Judge Gorton’s Denial of his motions to unseal documents depicted in Salemme, 91 F.Supp.2d 267-269 (D.Mass.1999); Concealed FBI Tapes #281B-BS-65373 which shows that government witness John “Smiley” Mele and Augustus “Gus” Laface was taped by two other informants:Four generated audio tapes from July 1989 under FOIA/PA FBI #281B-BS-65373 Stephen Tramarchi and Mark Eldrigde (being handled by FBI agents Connolly, Buckley and Delamontaige. Both informants are Publicly Known and Publicly known to be dead, hence no third party privacy issues.)wearing a wire against two other informants John “Smiley” Mele and Augustus “Gus” Laface. In which Mele and Laface are telling both informants that they plan to assassinate Frank Salemme Sr and Frank Salemme Jr. and their friends coming out of a night club in Boston, with fully automatic AK-47′s equipped with Silencers, for robbing Laface and Mele’s drug shipments, and extorting a Tow Truck company, Lynn Car Dealership, parking lot, and mechanic garage from them and for threatening to kill both Mele and Laface.

Mele and Laface failed to pay Salemme who requested $100,000 from each Mele and Laface. This exculpatory evidence and egregious governmental misconduct was intentionally precluded from the investigating 1997 federal grand jury and Marino’s 1998 and 1999 RICO trials via: U.S. v. Marino, CR-97-40009-NMG. (D.Mass/Boston/Worcester). Also Mele’s sworn video and Audio taped conversation with Officer of the Court James E. Costello, in which Mele describes that his Life is in danger and that Salemme Sr and Salemme Jr. might try to kill him. Request this Video and Audio Tape, which was intentionally withheld from the government and precluded from the 1997 grand jury hearing it and 1998 and 1999 RICO trials juries from hearing it, from Judge: Nathaniel M. Gorton’s receiving it and from Marino receiving it.


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