Sean Thomas Cote

Sean Thomas Cote

Nazzaro Ralph Scarpa, Ciampi and Cote were charged with being accessories after the fact in Souza’s murder.

Died of natural causes at the age of twenty-six, before he could testify. A heavy cocaine user, Cote was in the witness protection program and being held in a federal prison in Pennsylvania for safekeeping when he died of supposed heart failure in his cell on October 19.

One thought on “Sean Thomas Cote”

  1. Frank had a Death Bag of Heroin sent to his cell,you can go first Sean but make it quick while I keep a peek out for the screws.Also was the idiot to have the car used in the ‘Hudson Armored Car Heist’ torched.Everything burned but the empty money bags in the trunk helping the demise of 4 Townies.


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