Racketeering Act A-1

Racketeering Act A-1

Exhibit # 9

Racketeering Act A-1 Charges that from January 1994 through December 1994, Robert Carozza, Micheal P.Romano Sr Anthony Ciampi, Sean Thomas Cote, Vincent M. Marino ,Enrico Ponzo, Mark F.SpisakJohn J.Patti III,Eugene A. Rida Jr, John M. Arciero, ,Nazzaro Ralph Scarpa and Paul A. DeCologero Conspired together and with Christopher Puopolo and others to murder Francis P. Salemme, Stephen Rossetti, Mark Rossetti, Ralph Rossetti, Richard Devlin, Richard Gillis, Joseph Souza, Richard Floramo, Michael Prochilio, Joseph C. Cirame, Timothy Larry O” Toole, Robert Paleo, Robert Luisi Jr, and Lonnie Hilson, in violation of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 265, Section 1 and Chapter 274, Section 7.

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