Surveillance State

Watching You


PROJECT MARINO: exposes egregious United States Governmental Misconduct concerning their covert human experiments conducted on their very own natural born United States citizens without their valid consent and without a valid court warrant, some of these experiments cause “irreparable harm to the targeted subjects” without any transparent corresponding accountability to the United States Government as the PUBLIC RECORDS SO SUPPORTS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN World-Wide.

Computers and information technology may be bringing average people increased comfort and convenience, but they are also quickly making the concept of PRIVACY EXTINCT.See NSA/CIA’s covert operations/SPYING, the real culprit of recorded transactions that occur every time a natural born United States Citizen makes a purchase, phone call, or email is made or written is unlawfully, unconstitutionally recorded by the NSA/CIA without a valid court warrant and without the targeted United States Citizens valid consent.

The United States of America, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are all facilitating a DNA data bases of all convicted criminals as well as lawful citizens world-wide.The only individuals not required to register their DNA would be CONGRESS, THE WHITE HOUSE, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE employee(s), and Intelligence Agencies employee(s)However and eventually slip over into the entire general population as a desire to make crime virtually obsolete except for the governmental employee would be immunized from all criminal activity as seen in MARINO. giving them a licensed to kill, experiment of human beings, commit criminal acts world-wide, like Adolph Hitler did in NAZI GERMANY in the Nuremberg Project conducting live human experiments on unwitting natural born Germany’s citizens like America is doing today and Stalin Russia did back then.Also like NAZI GERMANY and STALIN RUSSIA did, United States of America is now doing, by unlawfully placing more of their citizens in Prison without Due Process of Law more than any country in the WORLD.

The Surveillance State:


The United States Government, has tiny, powerful microphones and video cameras already have the capability to conduct surveillance at any location at any time in the world and does just that. video camera’s already filming public stress’s in most large cities, and the filed of BIOMETRICS allows an inexpensive and fool-proof method of personal identification from virtually any measurable physical characteristic, such as a persons’ eyeballs.Market Solutions such as INTERMEDIARIES (companies that Protect Consumer Privacy by brokering information between a person and various companies) and encryption will not be enough to stop widespread surveillance by the United States of America’s NSA and CIA data bases.There will be no one solution to reverse the slow death of PRIVACY as technology is most likely too powerful and widespread to save the already decaying concept of being left alone.

  •  See Economist “The Surveillance Society” May 1, 1999, Volume 351, No. 8117. Source: NLECTC Law Enforcement and  Technology News Summary, May 13, 1999.

What will happen when mass arrests of government protesters occurs or when suspects are found to be innocent? What happened to the presumption of innocence?Should law enforcement be permitted this intrusion into a person’s body without consent?.It seems that government never stops attempting to establish a STATE CONTROL of everyone through invasive means or by any means which are possible through its super advanced technological research and development within the CIA., NSA, DARPA, etc., See Marino v. CIA, et al., supra.NSA/CIA’s covert PROJECT MARINO implanting devices in Marino’s brain and body is not new and Marino is not the only victim concerning the United States Government’s human experiments on unwitting natural born United States citizens.This violates every value of our nation. We cannot act as international vigilantes or as NAZI GERMANY’s Nuremberg human experiments on natural born United States Citizens without transparent corresponding accountabilities.We cannot invade the sovereign territories of countries to kill their citizens without desecrating our own heritage.

Impact on our future WORLD-WIDE:

All men and women are innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law by a Jury of their peers. This is our system and it is not perfect, but we must not ignore our foundational laws.Everyone, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Democrat, Republican, poor, rich or , yes, even a suspected drug dealer, is entitled to Due Process of Law under the 5th Amendment and 1st Amendment’s Freedom of Speech. If we lose sight of the law and our foundational beliefs, then democracy is indeed lost.What we will put in its place a new kind of slavery? A slavery which removes every fabric or grain of our PRIVACY and personal freedom from us and makes us instead conforming drones of a world order which will define “normal” in some dark closet and impose that “normal” on us all.Is this freedom which our forefathers fought for? Is this Justice?  Is this what we have become so filled with fear that we will give up the essence of our souls in exchange for false NSA/CIA security?

All new technologies will be over taken by better ones. All safeguards will be worked around by those with the will to do so.In the process of realizing this, are we prepared to give up our PRIVACY?We at PROJECT MARINO hope your answer internationally WORLD-WIDE is the same as ours a resounding NO!The Revolution in Human Affairs is the bigger revolution.  Each new innovation has incredible possibilities in terms of its impact on people and future events.We have the potential to create change as we gain an understanding of the possibilities along with the wisdom to act on the knowledge in responsible ways.

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