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According to a leak from Russia in Moscow, NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s soon to be releasing documents that may show that the NSA and CIA conducted covert human experiments on natural born United States Citizens from at least 1996 starting in Boston, at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Marino Chipped

Marino v. C.I.A

C.I.A response

NSA response

Project Marino Nsa/Cia’s super secret project

The New York Times Archives


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This super secret Project concerns specifically the surreptitious implantation of super advanced microchip and Biochips electronic devices implanted in the “under General Anesthesia” target.This device is powered by the movement of body muscle/piezoelectric technology and can be used for both the good and bad purposes concerning human application.


The Echelon: US global spy system




Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory – You ARE Being WATCHED


The (GPS) Global Positioning Satellite Tracking and Listening devices technologies are part of the United States’s NSA’s ECHELON Satellite Communications Intelligence Project. It appears that the documents in possession of defected: Edward Snowden resemble a historic and current lawsuit concerning Vincent M. Marino, which when publicized may shock the international community world-wide.

It appears to resemble documents Marino seeks in his civil actions both historic and current. See:

Marino v. Massachusetts General Hospital, et al., civil action #99-5655-H. (Suffolk Superior Court Boston, Massachusetts);

Marino v. Gammel, 191 F.Supp.2d 243 (D.Mass.2002); 

Marino v. CIA, et al., civil action #11-cv-813-RMC. (Washington, D.C.2011) (District of Columbia), on appeal at:

Marino v. CIA, et al., United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit #12-5325 (D.C.Cir.2012) PENDING Marino’s Petition for Rehearing and or Suggesting for Rehearing En Banc.

  • The question is whether startling New Technological Advancements be Welcomed of Feared?
  • Is the NSA and CIA acting like NAZI GERMANY’S Nuremberg Project when Adolph Hitler’s SS experimented unlawfully on humans namely Jewish people. Will the culpable individuals be held accountable. Or will the United States Government continue to cover up the scandal?

In Marino, the NSA, CIA, and  NGA, filed fraudulent Declarations to cover up this egregious governmental misconduct, by stating in one breath that Marino’s lawsuit is frivolous, and in the same breath stating that the documents Marino seeks are in-fact CLASSIFIED UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER AS “TOP SECRET” and if the documents are handed over to Marino and the PUBLIC there will be an exceptional grave damage to the National Security of the United States?

  •  Ask yourself, does that make sense? Could there be two answers for Marino’s request for SPECIFIC DOCUMENTS and two answers for it completely the opposite of its meaning and be made to act like its a logical answer?

How can the NSA, CIA and NGA state in one breath that Marino’s lawsuit is frivolous and in the same breath state if the specific documents Marino are in-fact CLASSIFIED UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER AS “TOP SECRET.”That does not make sense and  is not logical. The NSA and CIA, et al., should chose one or the other for failing to hand over Marino’s specifically requested documents.Surely the Media Manipulation of trying to characterize Marino as in-sane using improper propaganda has not fully worked.Marino’s repeated MRI request were blocked by the United States Assistant U.S. Attorneys: Anita Johnson, George W. Vien, Carole S. Schwartz,Jefferey Auerhahn , Cynthia Ann Young, Rhonda Lisa Campbell et al., in in Johnson’s response she told United States District Court Senior Judge: Robert Keeton, in Boston, that Marino’s MRI request should be denied, and if Marino receives the MRI then the results would be too harsh for the United States Government.See Marino v. Gammel, (FBI agent), 191 F.Supp.2d 243-257 (D.Mass.2002).

Intelligence Documents:

Edward SnowdenIt appears that what-ever the NSA contractor: Edward Snowden, told and or showed ( Intelligence Documents) The Russians in Moscow, concerning the NSA and CIA’s covert Human Experiments on natural born United States Citizens, more specifically, the surreptitious implantation of super sophisticated electronic tracking and listening, Brain mapping etc… devices which is connected to the ECHELON’S Surveillance Communications and Intelligence Satellite Super Sophisticated Billion Dollar Project in the targeted subjects brain and body while the target is placed under general anesthesia for any type of medical problem as a ruse.

Apparently Snowden’s over 2 million documents also showing paranormal, esoteric phenomena events got the Russians attention.Apparently the Russians are extremely interested in the NSA/CIA’s super sophisticated Satellite Communications Intelligence Surveillance ECHELON technologies/Paranormal esoteric phenomena via: covertly implanted super advanced electronic devices that the NSA/CIA implanted in Marino’s body while Marino was placed under “GENERAL ANESTHESIA” for a gunshot wound and bullet removal at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts which routinely conduct CIA and NSA human experiments on natural born United States Citizens without the subjects prior valid consent and without a valid court warrant as seen in Marino.The United States Government is currently covering up their egregious now transparent misconduct, just like Adolf Hitler did when he controlled NAZI Germany in the Nuremberg experiments.Soon to be released World-Wide NSA/CIA Documents by Edward Snowden, NSA’S Contractor.

  •   Marino v. CIA, et al., United States Court of Appeals For The District of Columbia Circuit #12-5325 (D.C.Cir.2012) PENDING Petition For Rehearing and or Suggestion For Rehearing En Banc.

It appears that the issues presented In Marino supra serves as a “Significant International Public Interest” as seen in Russia with the NSA’s Contractor: Edward Snowden’s over 2 million documents which may also shed light on the NSA/CIA’s February 2004, astounding discovery of super advanced technological developments which shows paranormal, esoteric phenomena events.


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