Micro Machines


“Imagine a machine so small, that it is imperceptible to the human eye.””Imagine working machines with gears no bigger than a grain of pollen.””Imagine a realm where the world of design is turned upside down, and the seemingly impossible suddenly becomes possible, a place where GRAVITY and INERTIA are no longer important, but the effects of ATOMIC FORCES and SURFACE Science dominate.

Welcome to the MICRO DOMAIN, a world now occupied by an explosive new technology known as MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) or, more simply, MICRO MACHINES.Sandia national Laboratories, motivated by a guiding vision for MEMS, has become a recognized leader in this emerging super advanced technological field used by the NSA and CIA for SPYING and unlawful human experiments on natural born United States citizens and others.”Tiny machines n o bigger than a fingernail, a grain of rice or a red blood cell have been twirling, buzzing and slithering across the pages of science fiction are for real and no longer science fiction. This super advanced technological development would be considered by the CURRENT COURT SYSTEMS as frivolous or fantastic, delusional if the PUBLIC were to seek documents in support under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT under Title 5 U.S.C. Section 552, as seen in Marino v. CIA, et al., civil action #11-cv-813-RMC. (District of Columbia) on appeal at:

  •   Marino v. CIA, et al., United States Court of Appeals For The District of Columbia Circuit #12-5325 (D.C.Cir.2012) Marino’s Petition For Rehearing and or Suggestion For Rehearing En banc dismissed as FRIVOLOUS, FANTASTIC, even though the super advanced technology Marino requests documents of in-fact-exists.

The courts are super protective of the NSA ans CIA covert criminal activities, especially if it has to do with HUMAN RIGHTS, as the courts are 30 plus years behind NSA/CIA’s technological advancements and its oversight ans legislation is also out-dated and cannot keep up with it, results in extreme loss of PRIVACY for American and Foreign civilization.Enthusiasts say they are the advance wave of a technological revolution comparable to the introduction of COMPUTER IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIPS/BIOCHIPS and MIRCO Machines:

 ENTER PROJECT MARINO, Marino v. CIA, et al., civil action #11-cv-813-RMC. (District of Columbia) on appeal at:Marino v. CIA, et al., United States Court of Appeals For The District of Columbia Circuit #12-5325 (D.C.Cir.2012) Petition For Rehearing and or Suggestion For Rehearing En Banc. Uncovers the NSA/CIA’s SPYING on natural born United States Citizens and NSA/CIA’s human experiments on unwitting United States Citizens and others world-wide without their valid consent 7 without a valid court warrant.

“Imagine a machine so small that it is imperceptible to the human eye, being used as implanted devices in humans,” said Al Romig, director of the MICROSYSTEMS SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and COMPONENTS CENTER, at Sandia National Laboratory, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is covertly funded by no other that the NSA and CIA’s covert BLACK BAG Operations.Intelligence agencies and private research centers contracted by the NSA and CIA, design “Micro electrical Mechanical Systems” called MEMS or “Micro machines” for short.

  • See Boyd, Robert S. “Micro machines become reality.” Anchorage Dailey News, May 3, 1998.

mems2A integrated MEMS ­ electronics, three axis accelerometer, fabricated in the Sandia MEMS first process.

These incredibly small machines are already revolutionizing all areas of the NSA/CIA Covert operations and technological super advancements are historically and currently being used to SPY on natural born United States Citizens and foreign Government’s world-wide. Even the United States Government’s partners: Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Spain, India, South Korea, China, Russia and others.As several separated innovations begin to merge, the merger of NANOTECHNOLOGY, BIOTECHNOLOGY, COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Satellite Communications Intelligence Technologies creates a possibility of living, thinking and decision making objects devoid of a human soul.

The decisions which drive the machines will be embedded in their programming (MEMS), by humans who define their missions and uses, from the likes of the NSA and CIA’s covert operations, which in most cases are unlawful, human rights violations similar to NAZI GERMANY’S Nuremberg Human Experiments.The perceptible size of the NSA/CIA’s technology is mindboggling “packed full of implantable microchip/biochip sensors, lasers and communications transceivers, particles of “SMART DUST” are being designed to communicate with one another and used to SPY on American Citizens.They could be used for a range of applications from weather monitoring to SPYING on natural born United States Citizens to covertly, surgically injecting these MICROMACHINES into the bodies of the unsuspecting TARGETED United States Citizens and other foreign nationals, for draconian purposes and SPYING.The tiny ‘motes’ are being developed at the University of California, Berkeley to produce the smallest possible IMPLANTABLE DEVICES that have a viable way of communicating with each other.

  • See Graham-Rowe, Duncan “DUST BUGS.” Newscientist, August 28, 1999. newscientist.com
  • “The Defense Department and several top engineering schools along with secret funding from DARPA/CIA/NSA are developing TINY AIRCRAFT that could scout out enemy snipers, sniff poisonous chemicals or locate hostages in occupied buildings.
  • Boyd, Roberts.  “Small Planes have Big Job.” Anchorage Dailey News, March 17, 1997.

The uses are endless and offer great possibilities for the benefit of humankind rather than its demise and destruction by warfare. According to the NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies.The positive side of all of these developments are the things which can head us to a greater set of realities than the destruction of values, beliefs, human dignity, and the very planet which provides the sustenance for every living thing.The power used to energize these TINY MACHINES will either be present or sent in aid directed energy sources such as microwaves, or PIEZOELECTRIC ENERGY, which is facilitated by the use of exercise and muscle use within the human body.

“One of the biggest advantages of using microwave power is that you can make these UAVs smaller and smaller.

With a battery, if you continue making it smaller, you lose power, unless it is powered within the Bodies Electrical energy supply “PIEZOELECTRIC” technologies last forever as long as the subject exercises.NSA/CIA’s United States Government’s unsuspecting TARGET exercises the energy supply lasts forever. This will create a new generation of servants or warriors for mankind.

Again ENTER PROJECT MARINO, NSA/CIA’s covert human experiment was once called by NSA’s Elizabeth Brook’s as in-fact Classified under Executive Order as “TOP SECRET” and if the documents Marino seeks are handed over to Marino and the PUBLIC, it may cause an exceptional grave Damage To The national Security of the United States of America.Does this mean the super sophisticated electronic Satellite Communications ECHELON Intelligence Devices implanted in Marino’s body & potentially his brain contain the technology that is “TOP SECRET?”

Will the NSA/CIA’s robots, human or otherwise, and or half human and half robotic, be programmed to KILL for peace of war?The day when tactical mobile robots half human will serve as military ‘point men,’ surveying enemy terrain during combat operations, is a step closer to reality with the selection of NSA/CIA/DARPA, NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California to lead a consortium to create a miniature tactical half human/half machine tactical mobile for urban operations

mghNSA/CIA’s covert PROJECT MARINO, on November 24th, 1996 while Marino was at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts implanted electronic Satellite Communications and Intelligence Surveillance microchip devices in Marino’s brain and body while Marino was under GENERAL ANESTHESIA for a ruse laparoscopic exploratory surgery and bullet removal from a previous gunshot wound to Marino’s left upper buttocks area of his body while under ROVING SURVEILLANCE Court Order on November 13, 1996 through December 13, 1996, and approved the the United States Attorney General.

  •   PROOF: FBI agent: John Gamel, (Chief of the New England Organized Crime Unit and DEA agents: Roberto, Farley, Peterson, Soiles, Cunniff, Desmond, Kelly and Massachusetts State Police Commander: Thomas Quigley, all stated on PUBLIC record in their DECLARATIONS that while Marino was at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts on November 24, 1996, for a gunshot wound to his left upper buttock’s’s area of his body the NSA/CIA with the help from  MGH’s Staff and others surgically implanted Marino with numerous tracking, listening and mind control electronic Satellite Communications Intelligence ECHELON microchip/biochip devices etc.
  •    See Marino v. Gammel, 191 F.Supp.2d 243-257 (D.Mass.2002); Marino v. Massachusetts General Hospital, et al., civil action #99-5655-H. (Suffolk Superior Court/Boston, Massachusetts); Marino v. CIA, et al., civil action #11-cv-813-RMC. (District of Columbia); Marino v. CIA, et al., United States Court of Appeals For The District of Columbia Circuit #12-5325 (D.C.Cir.2012) Petition For Rehearing and or Suggestion for Rehearing En Banc.)
  •   Marino v. CIA, et al., United States Supreme Court Washington, D.C. soon to file his request for a Writ of Certiorari, concerning supra.

The development of NANOTECHNOLOGY allows the larger weapons systems to advance in revolutionary ways.Troops as such are destined to be computer game operators directing remote units which allow the HUMAN SOLDIER to remove himself fro direct-confrontation with an enemy. Immune from emotion of battle, insulated from the stench of death, the soldier is immunized from the harsh reality of his actions.

The horror of war can bring reflection of its awful waste. Will we lose this motivation for peace by reducing soldiers to remote-controlling technicians with power unprecedented on past battlefields?Who will direct these weapons of the next revolution, or better yet the inspiration for an alternative revolution which will lead towards war or peace.We are not far from the computer chip draconian usages with the robot will be mobilized as the military’s shock troops.

The essence of this revolution is simple enough.  It’s power of the microprocessor–the implantable computer chip applied to warfare. See PROJECT MARINO’s Marino v. CIA, et al., civil action #11-cv-813-RMC. (District of Columbia); Marino v. CIA, et al.,  United States Court of Appeals For The District of Columbia Circuit #12-5325 (D.C.Cir.2013) in support of this super technological advancement which was rejected by the courts as the courts are 30 plus years behind any new technological advancements.

Which means that, for at least the next 15 years or so, the on-going (RMA) Revolution in Military Affairs, greatly favors the world’s dominant MICROCHIP manufacturer, the United States of America. See Watson, Russell and Barry, John “Tomorrows New Face of Battle.” Newsweek, Special Issue.The ability of larger military systems to overcome their technological limits changes the balance of power at all levels of conflict.Basically, the OSPREY converts from a helicopter into a speedy fixed-wing plane in 20 seconds, offering new capabilities for troop deployment, drug interdiction and search and rescue.

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